The Dangers of Antibiotics in Food

Over-prescription of antibiotics is a dangerous and ineffective practice that can lead to a disrupted intestinal environment that promotes diseases like candida overgrowth. But there is another more indirect way that they can get into your system that is much harder to avoid: antibiotics in food as a result of their extensive use in farm animal production.

Many health experts believe that the overuse of antibiotics is leading to a new generation of resistant superbugs that are largely untreatable by conventional pharmaceuticals. The thread is so serious that the UK government is actively trying to educate the public and its doctors and nurses against prescribing antibiotics indiscriminately. Especially for viral infections like the common cold and flu where they just don’t work.

There is however, another more insidious source of antibiotics in the food chain – the staggering amount of them used in farm animal production.

It’s estimated that over 80% of the antibiotics produced in the USA are used by meat and poultry farmers. Large-scale farms routinely feed their animals antibiotics in an attempt to prevent diseases in the heavily overcrowded and unsanitary conditions they are kept in.

Many health organizations, including the American Public Health Association, Infectious Disease Society of America and the World Health Organization have been trying to limit the routine use of antibiotics in recent decades, but the meat and poultry industry has so far refused to budge.

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