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Recent News

•‘What Really Keeps Me Up at Night’: A Climate Scientist’s Call to Action
• Lead keeps poisoning children. It doesn’t have to.
• Black Residents of Cancer Alley Sue Local Government for Discrimination in Siting Chemical Facilities
• Why seniors are blocking entrances to the four largest U.S. banks

As Enforcement Lags, Toxic Coal Ash Keeps Polluting U.S. Water

Despite rules requiring remediation, only a few of the nearly 300 U.S. power plants storing toxic ash — the residue of burning coal — have started cleanups or have plans to do so.

Rachel Carson Country

The ocean is a place of paradoxes. It is the home of the hundred-foot blue whale, the largest animal that ever lived. It is also the home of living things so small that your two hands might scoop up as many of them as there are stars in the Milky Way. — Rachel Carson, “Undersea.”

Seeing Through the Eyes of Rachel Carson

Walking with binoculars around my neck, as I often do, I have never known how to answer when a friendly passerby says, “Are you a birdwatcher? Seen anything interesting?” I want to reply, “It’s all interesting!”

Biden to create national monuments in Nevada and Texas

President Joe Biden on Tuesday will sign proclamations establishing two national monuments in Nevada and Texas.

‘A strange and beautiful place’: My portable paradise

Mine is a short journey, but you wouldn’t know it.

Can a Rachel Carson Introvert Succeed in the Climate Movement?

As much as I love climate advocacy, there have been several moments throughout my young adulthood when I have genuinely asked myself, did I pick the wrong career?