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Recent News

  • Food’s Climate Footprint Was Once Again MIA at Global Talks
  • Bayer Lobbies Congress to Help Fight Lawsuits Tying Roundup to Cancer
  • The American Climate Corps Officially Kicks Off
  • Chicago teachers demand climate solutions in their next contract
  • How Biden Beat the Clock on Big Environmental Regs

Burning wood is not ‘renewable energy,’ so why do policymakers pretend it is?

A recent analysis shows it’s not renewable and adds more carbon to the atmosphere than coal and gas.

Echoes of “Silent Spring”: How the Wood Pellet Industry Will Silence Birds

I first read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring while sitting on my porch in the evenings after school.

Where the Eagles Soared: Are We Losing Our Land and Our History?

I wrote this photo essay in 2019 about the growing danger of the disappearance of Black history, of environmental justice, and of the wonderful wildlife in the rivers and estuaries of historic Eastern Shore, Maryland, because of climate change, sea-level rise, and the need for more Americans to take action.

The Offshore Technology Conference: A Platform for Greenwashing?

While the OTC claims to advance environmental matters, their efforts suggest otherwise.

What Is the Chevron Doctrine? The Big Climate Case You Might Not Know About.

The fossil-backed Supreme Court prepares a stealth attack on climate.

From Pavement to Parks: Designing Cities for People and the Planet

When I imagine a carbon-neutral, sustainable, zero-waste future, I picture our cities with sprawling green spaces integrated into the architecture.