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Recent News

• Hurricane Ian was a powerful storm. Real estate developers made it a catastrophe.
• As Hurricane Ian makes landfall, Florida faces historic storm surge
• ‘A much-needed step’: The EPA creates a new environmental justice office
• Tampa Bay isn’t safe from any hurricane — especially not Ian

Solving the climate crisis will help both ‘sacrifice zones’ and ‘cute’ puffins

When I tell bird-loving audiences what puffins mean to me, I start with the expected.

Ocean oil pollution is growing — and not from oil spills

Cars and highways are among the top contributors to ocean oil pollution, study finds.

Can GenZ and Boomers Find Peace?

This diverse, talented group included the linchpins of fossil fuel divestment campaigns, the heads of a nationwide movement against herbicides on campus, advocates against the climate injustice of clear-cutting forests to produce wood pellets, and more.

EPA launches office for advancing environmental justice

A small, predominantly Black community protesting a contaminated landfill in Warren County 40 years ago this month is credited with sparking the environmental justice movement.

The more bees the merrier farmer

Crops benefit from a diversity of pollinating bees, and the benefits grow the longer scientists track them.

A Solar Wave Spurred by the Storm

This week kicks off Latino & Hispanic Heritage Month, but September also marks a life-changing moment for the people of Puerto Rico.