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Recent News

• A Birder Is Back in the Public Eye, Now on His Own Terms
• Ocean Isle group works to protect sea turtles year-round
• Pennsylvania might really send an anti-fracking advocate to Congress
• NYC wants more rooftop solar. Its fire code is getting in the way.

Think climate action is expensive? Inaction could cost $178 trillion.

But zeroing out emissions could create a green Industrial Revolution, a new report says.

Oregon Adopts Nation’s Strongest Farmworker Protections for Heat and Wildfire Smoke

The new law will protect tens of thousands of workers from illness and death when temperatures soar past 80 or when the air becomes clogged with wildfire smoke.

Environmentalists and Roe v. Wade?

The revelation that the Supreme Court is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade brought me back to the 1990s in the Valley Medical Center in Brownsville, Texas on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Air Monitors Alone Won’t Save Communities From Toxic Industrial Air Pollution

Calvert City, Kentucky, has long had what people in other toxic hot spots have been begging for: monitors to prove they’re being exposed to toxic industrial air pollution.

U.S. Oil Refineries Expose Communities to Cancer-Causing Benzene

Last year, a dozen oil refineries in the U.S. exceeded the federal maximum level for average emissions of the highly toxic carcinogen benzene, according to a new report by the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP).

How Ailing Strip Malls Could Be a Green Fix for U.S. Housing Crisis

Urban designer Peter Calthorpe has a plan for the shuttered and financially troubled strip malls that dot the suburban landscape.