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Recent News

• Saving History With Sandbags: Climate Change Threatens the Smithsonian
• In defense of leftovers
• Energy company cancels $2.5 billion oil export terminal in Louisiana
• The Supreme Court will hear cases that could undercut Biden’s climate agenda. Here’s what to know.
• More U.S. Residents Than Ever Before Understand Climate Crisis is Real and Dangerous

RCC Fellow Vitaz in the News: Fighting For the Climate Means Upholding Indigenous Sovereignty

Indigenous Wet’suwet’en water defenders are currently occupying their sovereign territory in British Columbia, Canada to resist construction of the illegal Coastal Gaslink Pipeline.

The Great Blue Heron, Patient Hunter

I don’t remember when I first encountered this magnificent bird. But it left a lasting impression.

The Summer from Hell

In the nineties, when it was novel, I used to run around shouting about climate change, “It’s not just polar bears and penguins, it’s people, too!”

Environmental Education Outside the Classroom: The Campus as Haven for Environmental Learning

One thing that has surprised me is the number of students unaccustomed to — and amazed by — positive interactions with serene environments where one can interact with the wonder of our world.

It’s Time for a Power Shift in Louisiana

On August 25, Hurricane Ida, a Category 4 hurricane, whipped through Louisiana. Though Ida was the one of the strongest to hit the Gulf Coast, it was not just the storm that was responsible for the suffering Louisianans would incur in the coming weeks and months.

The Consequences of Nature Deficit in Urban Spaces

Often, the older generation chastises young children for constantly being stuck indoors. Dubbed “iPad kids,” the children of today are seldom depicted in an outdoor setting and instead, are seen glued to their electronics.