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Recent News

• The Arctic is heating up four times faster than the rest of the planet
• A Hotter World Means More Disease Outbreaks in Our Future
• Hotter nights could cause a spike in deaths, study says
• The Inflation Reduction Act promises thousands of new oil leases. Drillers might not want them.

Reserve, Louisiana Rises Up

Down in Louisiana, along the Mississippi River, you will find a labyrinth. A maze of bayous, lakes and swamps filled with an abundance of life around every turn. However, if you look a little deeper between the crevices…

History of DDT Ocean Dumping Off L.A. Coast Even Worse Than Expected, EPA Finds

This is my first trip to the Reserve, and as I beach my kayak on the oyster-studded sand, I imagine I’m seeing it as Rachel Carson first did 80 years ago. On a tiny island, a thousand wonders.

Can GenZ and Boomers Find Peace?

This diverse, talented group included the linchpins of fossil fuel divestment campaigns, the heads of a nationwide movement against herbicides on campus, advocates against the climate injustice of clear-cutting forests to produce wood pellets, and more.

The Field Report: In DC, Lawmakers Push ‘Common Sense’ Food Waste Solution

A new bill would make it easier for businesses and organizations to donate surplus food, helping fight hunger and reduce food waste.

Can Rachel Carson and Citizen Science Still Inspire?

“This notion that ‘science’ is something that belongs in a separate compartment of its own, apart from everyday life, is one that I should like to challenge.” — Rachel Carson accepting the 1952 National Book Award for The Sea Around Us.

Meanwhile, Congress is set to pass a huge wildlife conservation bill with bipartisan support

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would funnel millions of dollars into saving overlooked species.