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Recent News

• Cleveland’s Plan for Climate Justice Could be a Model for the Rest of the Country
• Raised In A Coal Mining Family, Now Working On Biden’s Cleaner Energy Future
• How Climate-Proofing Mass Transit Can Make Cities More Equitable
• A local look at air pollution highlights inequalities within cities

Louisiana Catholic environmental justice activist wins Goldman Prize

“I had no intention of being an activist,” Sharon Lavigne, a Black Catholic from St. James Parish, Louisiana.

The Sounds of Silence: What the Birds Tell Us About Climate and Where We Live

Everybody has heard the old cliché, “It’s the canary in a coal mine.” But how about the new and improved version? Be prepared to start using “Like a Veery in hurricane season.”

I Can See Clearly Now

The showy blossoms are out, shouting for attention. I am dazzled, like those who drive or wander by, getting an aesthetic jolt and then moving on.

New mapping tool aims to clarify Virginia environmental justice debates

New interactive map of Virginia aims to identify hotspots where residents are facing disproportionate pollution and socioeconomic burdens.

‘The ocean is coming.’ A chieftess sees her islands sink

The Gullah/Geechee Nation of the south Atlantic coast is one of the most climate-threatened peoples in the world.

Big Oil wants you to believe a tanker full of fossil fuel can be “carbon neutral”

The latest greenwashing scam tries to rebrand hydrocarbons as carbon-neutral