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    We promote Carson's ecological ethic that combines scientific concern for the environment and human health with a sense of wonder and reverence for all forms of life in order to build a sustainable, just, and peaceful future.
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    The RCC, founded in 1965, is the national environmental organization envisioned by Rachel Carson to carry on her work after her death.
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    Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.—Rachel Carson
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Recent News

• Report: Wood pellet mills threaten public health in North Carolina
• What the Failure of the House Farm Bill Means for Good Food Advocates
• This common contaminant is hurting America’s fertility rates
• Officials tried to censor a report on national parks. Here’s what was in it

‘It’s wrong to stink up other people’s lives’: fighting the manure lagoons of North Carolina

Pigs outstripped people in Duplin county long ago – but now the residents are fighting back

The Silence of the Bugs

Fifty-six years after Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” warned of bird die-offs from pesticides, a new biocrisis may be emerging.

True Spring is Late This Year

True Washington spring weather is late this year. Despite new, record CO2 atmospheric concentrations of 410 ppm in April and warmer than average global temperatures in March and April, the cherry blossoms and warm, sunny weather lagged behind schedule.

Premature Birth Rates Drop in California After Coal and Oil Plants Shut Down

Within a year of eight coal- and oil-fired power plant retirements, the rate of preterm births in mothers living close by dropped, finds new study on air pollution.

Straw Wars: The Fight to Rid the Oceans of Discarded Plastic

Americans use 500 million straws daily. Citizen activists want to shrink that number.