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Return to Normalcy?

The longing to return to some idealized “normalcy” is palpable following years of a mismanaged and devastating pandemic, along with the growth of violent white supremacy ignored and then stoked by President Donald Trump.

The Constitution and Donald Trump

But it is not enough to celebrate, breathe relief, or simply condemn President Trump and his enablers. Their treasonous intent is now clear for all to see.

A Time of Transition

In my yard, the golden-centered red camellias bloomed brightly in November. Cherry trees blossomed; roses bloomed. Such reawakening was surely a sign of hope as cars rode in circles, honking and waving signs at the defeat of Donald Trump and the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

What If I Never Saw This Again?

I try to freeze frame this tranquil moment in my mind. What if I never see it again?

Rachel Carson and the Ocean

The ocean of which Rachel Carson wrote is not the ocean of today.

I’m Nobody! Who are you?

It is eerily still, like the small town without birds or sounds in the opening fable of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”, as self-isolation sweeps across the nation, along with the corona virus. Big crowds and the incessant visibility of celebrities, sports figures, politicians and the powerful have ceased.