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The looming threat of deep-sea mining 03-14-23

A new international treaty aims to support protection of the high seas – what will this mean for deep-sea mining? Read more

The East Coast Whale Die-Offs: Unraveling the Causes 03-08-23

Activists are blaming a recent spate of humpback strandings off New York and New Jersey on seismic exploration by offshore wind companies. But scientists say the deaths are not unusual and are likely due to increased ship traffic and entanglements with fishing gear. Read more

Climate Crisis Increases Human-Wildlife Conflict 03-06-23

In 2019, an archipelago in the Russian Arctic Ocean declared a state of emergency when an aurora of polar bears muscled their way into a settlement and began nosing through the garbage. Read more

People are building artificial beaver dams in drought-stricken Montana 01-23-23

They’re hoping that the new dams will eventually attract real beavers. Read more