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Harris unveils plan for electric vehicle charging network 12-13-21

“The future of transportation in our nation and around the world is electric,″ Vice President Kamala Harris said at an EV charging facility in suburban Maryland. Read more

Three Myths About Renewable Energy and the Grid, Debunked 12-09-21

Renewable energy skeptics argue that because of their variability, wind and solar cannot be the foundation of a dependable electricity grid. But the expansion of renewables and new methods of energy management and storage can lead to a grid that is reliable and clean. Read more

EV chargers are coming to a highway near you 12-09-21

Electric utilities are banding together to build a coast-to-coast car-charging network. Read more

More people buy e-bikes than electric cars. Here’s how a bill would make them cheaper. 12-08-21

A tax credit tucked into the Democrats’ Build Back Better Act could incentivize Americans to buy electric bikes. Read more

Seeking Space for Solar Farms, Cities Find Room at Their Airports 12-07-21

Airports around the nation are installing solar arrays on unused land, roofs and parking garages, helping them achieve self-sufficiency while also providing power to their communities. Read more

The Wind Beneath Biden’s Wings: Climate Goals Need Wind Energy, Can It Fly? 11-01-21

Without a doubt, the US is about to see a surge in wind energy. Even the Texas panhandle is dotted with turbines. Read more

Hertz just made the biggest electric vehicle purchase ever 10-26-21

Tesla will deliver 100,000 EVs to the rental car company by the end of 2022. The U.S.’s second-largest car rental company is betting big on a greener fleet. Read more

From Homes to Cars, It’s Now Time to Electrify Everything 10-19-21

The key to shifting away from fossil fuels is for consumers to begin replacing their home appliances, heating systems, and cars with electric versions powered by clean electricity. The challenges are daunting, but the politics will change when the economic benefits are widely felt. Read more

Not even a pandemic can stop solar’s epic growth 10-08-21

Lead by Texas and the Southeast, the U.S. added a record amount of solar power in 2020. Read more

Ford Fortifies EV Bet With Four New Factories in Tennessee and Kentucky 09-27-21

Combined $11.4 billion investment with SK Innovation aims to accelerate electric push, create 11,000 new jobs. Read more

Biden’s proposed tenfold increase in solar power would remake the US electricity system 09-10-21

Why such a heavy focus on solar power? Doesn’t a low-carbon future require many types of clean energy? Read more

Inside the Ohio factory that could make or break Biden’s big solar energy push 09-08-21

Toledo-area plant faces pressure to boost output as U.S. blocks some solar-panel imports over concerns about forced labor in China. Read more

This yellow floatie can churn the power of the sea into electricity 09-01-21

One day, ships and buoys could get their energy from the waters themselves. Read more

EXCLUSIVE-Biden administration aims to cut costs for solar, wind projects on public land 08-31-21

The clean power industry has argued land lease rates and fees are too high to draw investment and could torpedo the president’s climate change agenda. Read more

In Maricopa County, an electric school bus brings power to the people 08-11-21

One in every nine children in Maricopa County is asthmatic. The Arizona county, home to Phoenix, has some of the most polluted air in the country. Read more

‘Big Three’ automakers join Biden in electric car promises 08-06-21

Ford, GM, and Stellantis have vowed that up to 50% of their car sales will be electric by 2030. Read more

Ford Announces It Will Spend More on EVs Than Gas-Powered Cars by 2023 08-03-21

The Ford Motor Company has announced that it will be spending more on electric vehicles (EVs) than on internal combustion models in 2023. Read more

Majority of Americans Support Clean Energy By 2035 07-28-21

Would you support or oppose the government moving the country to a 100% clean energy electricity grid by 2035? Read more

What’s the true cost of shipping all your junk across the ocean? 07-27-21

Walmart and other retail giants import millions of goods on polluting cargo ships. Read more

New Study Proves EVs Already More Sustainable 07-22-21

For years there’s been a false narrative perpetuated by special interest groups that electric vehicles actually produce more greenhouse gases than the average internal combustion vehicle. Read more

New Report Finds Biden Clean Energy Plan Could Save over 300,000 Lives 07-12-21

A new report has found that President Biden’s clean energy plan could be one of the most effective climate policies ever passed. Read more

A watershed moment: How Boston’s Charles River went from polluted to pristine 06-30-21 Read more

What’s the carbon footprint of a wind turbine? 06-30-21

Compared to the pollution generated by fossil fuels, wind energy has the advantage. Read more

California just committed itself to “an unprecedented amount” of clean energy 06-25-21

The state sees renewables as the best way to prevent blackouts. Read more

Ford and GM Scale Up EV Ambitions 06-17-21

Two major American automakers are further ramping up their electric vehicle goals. General Motors plans to increase its spending on electric and autonomous vehicles to $35 billion through 2025, a 30% jump over its most recent forecast. Read more

Republicans eye new fees on electric-vehicle owners 06-14-21

The more Biden pushes for the United States to lead the electric-car market, the more Republicans push in the opposite direction. Read more

Newsletter: Why a California oil workers union is getting behind clean energy 06-10-21

The dominant narrative about labor unions and climate change is that fossil fuel workers are a major roadblock to action. There’s good reason for that reputation. Read more

With Electric Vehicles, Ohio’s Steel Valley Remakes Itself as ‘Voltage Valley’ 06-04-21

President Biden is pushing for electric vehicles as a solution to climate change, and a way to create jobs. One test case for this strategy: Ohio’s Mahoning Valley, near the border of Pennsylvania, which includes Youngstown, Warren and Lordstown. Read more

We Have the Power, New Study Says, to Reach Net-Zero Emissions 06-04-21

This week, Environment America released a report documenting the nation’s vast potential for renewable energy. Read more

The plan to turn coal country into a rare earth powerhouse 05-26-21

With plans for a Made-in-America renewable energy transformation, Biden administration ramps up efforts to extract rare earth minerals from coal waste. Read more

Biden administration unveils offshore wind plan for California 05-25-21

The federal government plans to open more than 250,000 acres off the California coast to wind development, the Biden administration announced Tuesday, as part of a major effort to ramp up the nation’s renewable energy and cut its climate-warming emissions. Read more

Biden Burns Rubber In Ford’s EV F-150 Lightning 05-19-21

Yesterday, Joe Biden visited a Ford Motor electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant in Michigan, where he tested the new 2023 F-150 Lightning. The car will be built by United Auto Workers members. Read more

Renewable energy didn’t just survive 2020 — it thrived 05-12-21

But don’t mistake projected growth in renewables for emissions reductions. Read more

A Just Transition? On Brooklyn’s Waterfront, Oil Companies and Community Activists Join Together to Create an Offshore Wind Project—and Jobs 05-09-21 Read more

Biden’s new moonshot: An offshore wind industry to rival Europe’s 04-28-21

Having fallen a decade behind in developing the renewable energy, the U.S. is priming itself for a space race-style comeback. Read more

Eminent domain opens doors for fossil fuels — could it do the same for renewable energy? 04-27-21

Environmentalists have long opposed eminent domain for fossil fuel projects. Now, the legal power could be vital to building renewable energy infrastructure. Read more

The US electric power sector is halfway to zero carbon emissions 04-20-21

Renewable energy’s rapid growth is accelerating a national shift to a carbon-free electric power system. Read more

Renewable Energy Smashes Records in 2020 04-06-21

Despite the difficulties associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the world added a record amount of new renewable energy capacity in 2020, according to data released Monday by the International Renewable Energy Agency. Read more

Biden’s Cabinet Talks Big Plans for Offshore Wind Power 03-29-21

Yesterday, National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met with state officials, industry executives, and labor leaders to announce a set of actions to significantly expand offshore wind. Read more at Our Daily Planet

The U.S. is finally looking to unlock the potential of wave energy 03-29-21

After decades of false starts, the federal approval of a new testing site off the coast of Oregon could give wave energy a much-needed jolt. Read more at Grist

Nearly half of Pennsylvania government electricity to come from solar power by 2023 03-22-21

Gov. Tom Wolf sees a bright future for solar power in Pennsylvania and Monday announced a new clean energy initiative that will build seven new solar arrays, enough to supply about half of state government electricity. Read more at Pittsburgh-Post Gazette

EV Turning Point: Momentum Builds for U.S. Electric Vehicle Transition 03-15-21

Driven by GM, Tesla, and the Biden administration, the U.S. is now poised to press ahead in the transformation to electric vehicles. Big challenges still loom, but technological advances, government support, and growing consumer appeal will drive the inevitable switch to EVs. Read more at Yale Environment 360

On U.S. East Coast, Has Offshore Wind’s Moment Finally Arrived? 02-24-21

After years of false starts, offshore wind is poised to take off along the East Coast. Commitments by states to purchase renewable power, support from the Biden administration, and billions in new investment are all contributing to the emergence of this fledgling industry. Read more at Yale Environment 360

Empire State Building Realty Trust Now 100% Powered by Wind 02-23-21

This is a major step forward in New York City’s commitment to divesting fossil fuels. Read more at EcoWatch

How to ensure electric cars aren’t just for rich people 02-22-21

As automakers ramp up EV production, U.S. car buyers are increasingly making the switch themselves. Read more at Grist

Biden Finally Pushes Vineyard Wind Project Forward After Years of Delays 02-04-21

In 2018, Vineyard Wind planned to build the first utility-scale offshore wind project near Martha’s Vineyard — a project that could create thousands of jobs and generated enough energy to serve 400,000 households and businesses. Read more at Our Daily Planet

Tap Lines: Maine breweries aim to reduce their impact on the environment 02-01-21

Their efforts include recycling programs, solar installations and capturing carbon dioxide. Read more at Press Herald

Investors see green returns as renewable energy rises 01-28-21

The future looks bright for solar and other renewable energy technology. Read more at The Washington Post

Has the electric car’s moment arrived at last? 01-22-21

We’re on the cusp of transitioning to electric vehicles—if Biden and Congress take the right steps. Read more at National Geographic

Solar advocates make appeal to businesses that now is a uniquely good time to look to the skies 02-15-21

The Pennsylvania Solar Center, a Hill District nonprofit is paying special attention to small- and medium-sized businesses this winter. Read more at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette