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New data show Houston-area communities are being flooded with chemicals 12-15-22

Maricela Serna has lived in Galena Park since 1988. Her two oldest children left the city to protect their health and are urging their mother, a cancer survivor, to do the same. Mark Felix Read more

New report reveals pesticide industry’s disinformation and science denial playbook 12-05-22

A new report, Merchants of Poison: How Monsanto Sold the World on a Toxic Pesticide, illuminates the disinformation, science denial, and manufactured doubt at the core of the pesticide industry’s public relations playbook. Read more

‘Silent Spring’ 60 years on: 4 essential reads on pesticides and the environment 10-11-22

“Silent Spring” is widely viewed as an inspiration for the modern environmental movement. Read more

‘Gross negligence’: popular Michigan river hit with second chemical spill in four years 08-19-22

The spill is yet another example of how contamination from corporate polluters can endanger entire communities. Read more

History of DDT Ocean Dumping Off L.A. Coast Even Worse Than Expected, EPA Finds 08-04-22

Most of the waste, according to newly unearthed information, had been poured directly into the ocean from massive tank barges. Read more

Toxic chemicals found in oysters in Biscayne Bay pose potential health concerns 07-18-22

‘Toxic chemicals found in oysters in Biscayne Bay, Marco Island and in Tampa Bay may pose serious health issues for people and wildlife, according to a study conducted by Florida International University’s Institute of Environmental Science. Read more