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Biden Refuses to Shut Down Dakota Access Pipeline, Despite Campaign Pledges on Tribal Relations and Climate 04-12-21

Indigenous leaders blasted President Biden’s refusal to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline. Read more

Biden Pledges $20 Billion to Dismantle Highways, Racial Justice Activists Cautiously Celebrate 04-05-21

President Biden’s new infrastructure plan contains something surprising — funding for “construction” projects to remove highways. Read more

Congressional Democrats aim to reinstate rules on methane gas emissions from oil and gas works 03-25-21

Democrats on Capitol Hill are aiming to swiftly reinstate Obama-era rules designed to rein in the emission of methane from the nation’s oil and gas industry. Read more at The Washington Post

This $9 billion plan could bring Biden’s conservation corps to life 02-23-21

Want to get a job planting trees, restoring wetlands, or stopping wildfires before they start? If a new bill in Congress ends up passing, your job hunt might get a lot easier. Read more at Grist

Texas Could Have Kept the Lights On 02-17-21

Republicans are blaming renewable energy, when it’s the state’s powerful utilities that failed to prepare for the worst. Read more at The New York Times

Yellen to Appoint Obama Veteran To Lead Treasury “Climate Hub” 02-16-21

Janet Yellen, who was recently confirmed by the Senate as Treasury Secretary, plans to appoint former deputy Treasury secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin to head up a new Treasury “climate hub.” Read more at Our Daily Planet 

The Presidential Power of Marine National Monuments 02-14-21

Much as our national parks on land are some of our greatest natural treasures, marine national monuments safeguard precious ecosystems and protect them now and for future generations. Read more at Our Daily Planet

Money invested in ESG funds more than doubles in a year 02-11-21

Investors poured record amounts of money last year into funds that aim to help the environment and promote social good, more than doubling the prior’s year’s take. Read more at CNBC 

Biden’s Civilian Climate Corps comes straight out of the New Deal 02-08-21

One of the most popular programs from the New Deal is making a comeback, nearly 90 years later. Read more at Grist

Hawaii’s Beaches Are Disappearing. New Legislation Could Help … if It’s Enforced. 02-07-21

A legal loophole allowed wealthy property owners to protect their real estate at the expense of Hawaii’s coastlines. Now, the state Legislature is considering bills to crack down on the destructive practices, but questions around enforcement remain. Read more at Propublica

Will new US EPA head continue his opposition to burning forests for energy? 02-04-21

Experts say there is no question that Timber Unity has helped lay the groundwork for this new Republican extremism in Oregon. Read more at Mongabay

The ties between the timber industry and extremists 02-02-21

Experts say there is no question that Timber Unity has helped lay the groundwork for this new Republican extremism in Oregon. Read more at Grist

‘Energy’ Is Its Name. But What Can the D.O.E. Actually Do on Climate? 01-27-21

President Biden’s nominee to lead the Department of Energy would control powerful levers to promote clean-energy technologies, though that’s not the agency’s only job. Still, here are five possible steps. Read more at The New York Times

Young people can do more than organize. We can also help make climate policy. 01-21-21

Young people’s leadership has elevated the climate crisis so effectively that it is now a priority in the White House. Read more at Grist

Here Are Biden’s Day One Actions on the Climate and Environment 01-21-21

President Joe Biden officially took office Wednesday, and immediately set to work reversing some of former President Donald Trump‘s environmental policies. Read more at EcoWatch

Biden just put the US back in the Paris Agreement. Now the pressure is on. 01-20-21

The United States is rejoining the Paris climate agreement, fulfilling one of President Joe Biden’s earliest campaign promises and generating sighs of relief around the world as governments struggle to keep the planet’s temperature from surging to even more dangerous levels. Read more at Grist

Voters Back Range of Potential Biden Environment Policies by Comfortable Margins 01-19-21

GOP voters are more skeptical than Democrats, but a majority of voters back policies that would reduce emissions, center climate. Read more at Morning Consult

With unshakable faith in government, Biden prepares to be sworn in as the 46th president 01-19-21

When Joe Biden first arrived in Washington, he was deeply worried America was reaching a breaking point amid a failed presidency, and he believed the country already had the tools it needed to fix the mess. Read more at The Boston Globe

The pipeline fights are only beginning for Biden 01-19-21

Joe Biden is about to cancel a big oil pipeline project. It won’t be the last hard choice he has to make about whether to let one be built.  Read more at The Washington Post

Democrats flipped the Senate. So why is a Green New Deal still unlikely? 01-15-21

Last Friday morning, Representative Sean Casten, a Democrat from Illinois, appeared on a Chicago local news channel to talk about the mob of Trump-supporting rioters who had invaded the Capitol building and interrupted congressional proceedings two days earlier. Read more at Grist 

Even With a 50-50 Split, a Biden Administration Senate Could Make Big Strides on Climate 01-13-21

Democrats’ new edge opens the door to policy tools that can push through legislation. And bipartisan action is not out of reach. Read more at Inside Climate News

Is impeaching President Trump ‘pointless revenge’? Not if it sends a message to future presidents 01-13-21

A House majority, including 10 Republicans, voted on Jan. 13 to impeach President Trump for “incitement of insurrection.” Read more at The Conversation

How the Mad King can burn it all down 01-13-21

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is right to warn her colleagues and the nation about the dangers of “an unhinged president…” Read more at Responsible Statecraft

Hog farm that spilled 1 million gallons of feces, urine into waterways had been warned of lagoon problems 01-12-21

DC Mills Farm has familial ties to another operation that incurred a record fine Read more at North Carolina Policy Watch

Impeach and Convict Trump. Congress Must Defend Itself. 01-10-21

Trump’s incitement of a riot is a violation of the separation of powers that threatens the foundation of the Republic Read more at The New York Times

Now’s the Time for NOAA 01-09-21

Preparing to take office on January 20, President-elect Joe Biden is building the most qualified and experienced team of experts that any president has assembled to address the climate change crisis. Read more at Our Daily Planet

Read the draft of the Democrats’ new article of impeachment against Trump 01-08-21

Democrats in Congress plan to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump on Monday. Read more at Yahoo News

Judge Garland Will Bring Rare Environmental Experience to Attorney General Role 01-08-21

Judge Merrick Garland is expected to “respect science and the rule of law” if confirmed as Attorney General. Plus he has deep experience, having heard many environmental cases over his twenty-plus years on the bench in Washington, D.C. Read more at Our Daily Planet

Business leaders once allied with Trump now condemn him for stoking violence 01-07-21

A bevy of energy business interests in Washington who once cheered on President Trump’s agenda are now blaming him for stoking rhetoric that led to a pro-Trump mob violent storming the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Read more at The Washington Post

Georgia Live Updates: Democrats Capture the Senate as Ossoff Defeats Perdue 01-06-21

The victories by Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock, both Democrats, solidified Georgia’s political transformation and ensured that President-elect Joe Biden will have an easier time enacting his agenda. Read more at The New York Times

Democrats inch closer to retaking the U.S. Senate as Warnock declared the winner in Georgia runoff and Ossoff pulls ahead 01-06-21

Democrats were on the verge of taking control of the U.S. Senate early Wednesday morning after Raphael Warnock was declared the winner in his Georgia runoff election with GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler, and Jon Ossoff pulled into the lead in his race with Republican Sen. David Perdue. Read more at Yahoo! News

How activists successfully shut down key pipeline projects in New York 01-04-21

If all had gone according to plan, the Constitution pipeline would be carrying fracked gas 124 miles from the shale gas fields of Pennsylvania through streams, wetlands, and backyards across the Southern Tier of New York until west of Albany. Read more at Grist