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Costco’s 100 Million Chickens Will Change the Face of Nebraska 12-09-18

The state has paved the way for Costco’s experiment in extreme vertical integration for years. But farmers and activists brought together in opposition envision another way forward.Read more at Civil Eats

Workers Fear Injury as Administration Clears Way for Faster Chicken Slaughter 11-07-18

A proposed line speed increase from 140 to 175 birds per minute at chicken-processing plants would reverse the efforts of labor and animal welfare advocates. Read more at Civil Eats

3.4 Million Chickens, 5,500 Hogs Killed in Florence’s Flooding 09-19-18

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture said Wednesday that the historic flooding from Florence has killed about 3.4 million chickens and turkeys and 5,500 hogs. Read more at EcoWatch

We can feed the world—if we reclaim our crops from livestock 07-27-18

Instead, the U.S. is helping draft an alternative approach that appears more favorable to agribusiness. By 2050 we’ll have had to dramatically ramp up global food production to feed our planet. Or will we? A new study published in Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene turns that idea on its head, finding that actually, we already grow enough food to feed the 9.7 billion people that will be on the planet 30 years from now. Read more at Anthropocene

Can you really be a conscious carnivore? 07-19-18

Our meat eating habits, no longer a matter of basic sustenance, have become ethically fraught, deeply personal questions: Money. Health. Animal welfare. Environmental impact. Here, five American eaters navigate their way through the messy middle. Read more at New Food Economy