Rachel Carson Council Fellowship Program

The RCC Fellowship program will give you the skills to work on sustainability and justice issues now and prepare you to become lifelong advocates for the environment.

What: Environmental Organizing Fellowship for students 

When: Academic year 2019 – 2020

Why: Get paid a $2,000 dollar stipend to do environmental organizing and advocacy work on your campus and in your community, while gaining important grassroots organizing skills.

Work on:

  • Campus
  • Community
  • State and National Campaigns
  • With other organizers across the region


RCC fellows will organize for a more sustainable and just future on their campus, and in their community, and beyond. How? Identify a sustainability issue on your campus. Divestment? Solar panels? Campus garden? Then work with RCC staff to develop a campaign plan and execute it throughout the year.

Fellows will also work on issues in their community with RCC organizers and other organizations. Check out our latest report here on the wood pellet industry in North Carolina and here to see some of the other issues we engage on.

Is there something you are already organizing on?
We want to work with you!

RCC Fellows:

  • Develop a campaign to address a sustainability issue on their campus that they identify
  • Work on their campaign over the school year
  • Get trained by and work with RCC staff
  • Engage in environmental justice issues
  • Write blogs, LTE’s, and other projects for RCC
  • Receive a 2,000 stipend for their work!


Contact Mackay Pierce
Campus Coordinator
[email protected]

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