Fowl Matters

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The Rachel Carson Council’s comprehensive new report, Fowl Matters: Public Health, Environmental Justice, and Civic Action around the Broiler Chicken Industry (April 2017) details how the 21st-century chicken industry has sacrificed the environment, climate, human health, workers, growers, animals, and more. Poultry operations generate 300 million tons of waste annually, and the effects on neighbors and consumers are not reflected in the price of a conventional chicken breast.

“The modern-day chicken industry is a profitable, $32.7 billion polluter,” writes author Zoë Ackerman, Associate Program Director at the Rachel Carson Council (RCC). “Communities living near poultry production, processing, and incineration facilities experience a disproportionate share of environmental and climate-related harms. This is called environmental and climate injustice.”

Fowl Matters provides maps, data, resource and research links, and a full listing of national and local organizations working to help scholars, students, and citizens who want to help build a healthier and just future. “Those at a distance from the epicenter of harm are essential to the movement for sustainable agriculture,” says co-author Dr. Robert Musil, President and CEO of the RCC. “This guide for research and action highlights how communities, campuses, and advocacy organizations can join the transition.”

This fully documented report is ideal for:

  • Scholars, students, and administrators working to connect campuses and communities
  • Journalists and filmmakers operating at the intersection of environmental justice and food
  • Lawyers, regulators, and policymakers working on reforming agriculture policy
  • Citizens and animal welfare advocates invested in transforming our food system