Blast Zone

Rachel Carson Council Report about Natural Gas and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

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Atlantic Coast Pipeline section

Source: Chesapeake Climate Action Network

September 13, 2017

The Rachel Carson Council’s new and comprehensive report, Blast Zone, explores the economic and political forces driving the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), the proposed $5.5 billion, 600-mile structure that will transport fracked natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica Shale Basins to markets in Virginia and North Carolina.  Blast Zone concludes that the ACP is “unnecessary, unsafe, and unjust.”  The report also highlights dozens of local, regional and national organizations working for a just transition to a clean energy future.  Blast Zone is ideal for students, faculty, journalists, policymakers, and all citizens looking for a deeper understanding of the forces behind the expansion of natural gas infrastructure, and how to get involved.

  • Current and future economic trends in natural gas and effects on ratepayers
  • Debunking the myth of natural gas as a “bridge fuel”
  • The economic feasibility of energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • The political powers behind fracking in the Marcellus-Utica Basin and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
  • Environmental health and environmental justice effects of fracking and new pipelines
  • Dozens of ways to take action through effective and creative organizations including Food & Water Watch, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sunrise Movement, Climate Justice Alliance, Clean Water for North Carolina, and the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition