We asked our readers to share the top climate denial claims and global warming questions they hear from family. Here’s what science shows — and how to explain it.

Despite the unmistakable evidence that climate change is happening and that the effects we’re already experiencing are mostly caused by our own actions, it’s not uncommon to meet deniers—even around your own family’s Thanksgiving table.

Some of the misinformation that creeps into the doubters’ discussions are the lingering leftovers of years of deliberate peddling of misinformation, often by fossil fuel interests.

Some of it persists because, face it, not everybody is well versed in the scientific consensus, which is based on multiple streams of evidence from dozens of specialized disciplines. Who can keep up?

Even those who are thankful this year for the work of the United States Global Change Research Program, which just published an update of the latest science, may not have studied all the details.

With that in mind, we asked you to share some of the common myths and errors you hear at family gatherings. And we’ve pieced together some short answers from that state-of-the-science report and other authoritative sources. 11-22-17

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