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How sea-level rise is making hurricanes like Ida more destructive 09-01-21


Saving Florida’s Corals 08-30-21

Climate Change Will Force Tuna Migration, Cripple Small Island Nations, Study Finds 08-30-21

Floating wind turbines could open up vast ocean tracts for renewable power 08-29-21

Climate Change Could Shut Down A Vital Ocean Current, Study Finds 08-05-21


The ‘world’s most powerful tidal turbine’ starts to export power to the grid 07-28-21

California weighs first step in ‘managed retreat’ from rising Pacific 07-20-21

Climate crisis threatens access to nutrients in fish, study finds 07-20-21

High-tide flood risk is accelerating, putting coastal economies at risk 07-14-21

New Jersey has the wind in its sails 07-13-21

Offshore Wind Push Gains Momentum in California 07-13-21

Ocean warming could have negative effects on marine life and coastal communities 07-11-21


For Florida’s corals, no escape from climate change 06-28-21

Analysis: Biden may hinder oil and gas drilling even after court loss  06-17-21

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has issued an executive order calling for the development of 2.8 GW of offshore wind power by 2030, and 8 GW by 2040 06-15-21

How oysters and seagrass could help the California coast adapt to rising seas 06-15-21

A $26-Billion Plan to Save the Houston Area From Rising Seas 06-14-21

For Lease: Windmill Space in the Atlantic Between Long Island and New Jersey 06-11-21

Shipping is tough on the climate and hard to clean up – these innovations can help cut emissions 06-11-21

Whale poop and phytoplankton, the dynamic duo fighting climate change 06-02-21


Subtropical Storm Ana forms, first named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season 05-22-21

Scientists Predict an ‘Above Normal’ Atlantic Hurricane Season 05-20-21


Scientists Find Underwater Plants Can Combat Ocean Acidification 04-15-21

Climate Migration is Happening Underwater, Too 04-09-21

Marine species increasingly can’t live at equator due to global heating 04-07-21

Florida officials scramble to prevent ‘catastrophic flood’ of contaminated water from leaking reservoir 04-04-21


The U.S. is finally looking to unlock the potential of wave energy 03-29-21

The Biden administration makes a swath of ocean between New York and New Jersey an offshore wind zone 03-29-21

California’s Kelp Forests in Climate Peril 03-16-21


Gulf Stream System at its weakest in over a millennium 02-25-21

Climate change, rising sea levels to increase cost of flood damage by $34 billion in coming decades: Report 02-22-21

Climate crisis pushing great white sharks into new waters 02-09-21

Ocean energy about to ride a wave 02-09-21


Southern Ocean waters are warming faster than thought, threatening Antarctic ice 01-21-21

How climate change is reducing numbers of humpback whale calves in the north-west Atlantic 01-21-21

Climate change pushed ocean temperatures to record high in 2020, study finds 01-17-21

Climate crisis: record ocean heat in 2020 supercharged extreme weather 01-13-21

As the Arctic melts, a regime shift is taking place 01-12-21

Now’s the Time for NOAA 01-09-21



NOAA Releases Annual Arctic Report Card, Reports Unprecedented Warming 12-10-20

Are Tides and Waves the Missing Piece of the Green Energy Puzzle? 12-06-20


Canada Gives BP Okay to Explore in Marine Conservation Area 11-27-20

The Ocean Carbon Sink Has Set the Next Political Hurdle 11-09-20

Alaska’s permafrost, which stores greenhouse gases, is less plentiful and more fragile than believed, study says 11-07-20


‘Ghost forests’ are an eerie sign of sea-level rise 10-20

Siberia’s Arctic Sea Ice Hasn’t Formed Yet This Year 10-26-20

House Democrats Introduce Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act 10-21-20

Sea-Level Rise Takes Business Toll in North Carolina’s Outer Banks 10-18-20

Atlantic Ocean is at its hottest in 2,900 years 10-13-20


Human Activity is Increasing Severity and Frequency of Major Marine Heatwaves 09-28-20

Questions Linger on Offshore Drilling, Seismic 09-25-20

The Arctic Is Shifting to a New Climate Because of Global Warming 09-14-20

Rise in sea level from ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica match worst-case scenario: study 09-09-20


Love of Coast Set Professor’s Career Path 08-31-20

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Challenged By Lawsuits and Bankruptcies 08-30-20

Marine Heat Waves Are Becoming More Common and Intense. What Can We Do to Minimize Harm? 08-11-20


The disappearance of Arctic sea ice due to climate change could lead to increased ocean noise 07-30-20

How a Blue New Deal charts a course for a sustainable sea change 07-20-20

Hearing the under-sea whispers of a warming climate 07-13-20

The House Select Committee’s “Blueprint” for Solving the Climate Crisis 07-10-20

Climate Change Will Make World Too Hot For 60 per cent of Fish Species 07-02-20


First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm In Federal Waters Completed, Ready to Spin 06-30-20

The Deep Sea Could Hold the Key to a Renewable Future. Is it Worth the Costs? 06-17-20