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There’s Tons of Plastic in the Ocean — and It’s Only Getting Worse 01-31-23

Why I’m a garbage collector for the world’s oceans 01-23-23

Just One Meal of Caught Fish Per Year is a Significant Dose of PFAS 01-13-23


Marine Plankton Hold a Long Record of Ocean Health 12-22-22

Amazon’s Plastic Packaging Waste Grew 18% in 2021, Report Says 12-15-22

Fed Up With the Ocean’s Plastic Problems, UC Irvine Post-grads Open Zero-waste Market 11-27-22

Whales Ingest Millions of Microplastic Particles a Day, Study Finds 11-01-22

Hawaii to US Navy: Quit polluting Our Waters 10-06-22

Ocean Oil Pollution is Growing — and Not From Oil Spills 09-29-22

History of DDT Ocean Dumping Off L.A. Coast Even Worse Than Expected, EPA Finds. 08-04-22

Toxic Chemicals Found in Oysters in Biscayne Bay Pose Potential Health Concerns 07-17-22

National Parks Aim to Phase Out All Single-Use Plastics by 2032 06-09-22

Scientists are tracking the link between pollution, climate change, and rising mercury levels in fish 04-11-22

Heartbreaking photos show octopuses living in discarded trash on ocean floor 03-15-22

The Deep Ocean Is Essential for Life on Earth—but It Is Under Threat 03-02-22

Yes, Disposable Masks Are Made of Plastic. And That’s a Problem. 02-22-22

There Are Massive Chemical Dumps In The Gulf We Know Almost Nothing About 02-14-22


The 17th Day: Two Mammals Swimming in a Toxic World 12-29-21

More than 63,000 pounds of trash removed from one of the biggest accumulations of ocean plastic in the world 10-21-21

Plastic may soon trump coal as climate killer in US: study 10-21-21

Recycled Plastic Won’t Solve Tech’s Waste Problem 10-06-21

A rare ecological gem is slicked with spilled oil — again 10-05-21

After Hurricane Ida, Oil Infrastructure Springs Dozens of Leaks 09-26-21

Scooping Plastic Out of the Ocean Is a Losing Game 09-21-21

Conservationists call for urgent ban on deep-sea mining 09-07-21

The Race for EV Parts Leads to Risky Deep-Ocean Mining 07-29-21

What’s the True Cost of Shipping All Your Junk Across the Ocean? 07-27-21

Miles of California beaches closed after 17M gallons of sewage spills 07-13-21

Maine approves law to shift recycling costs to producers 07-13-21

The Ocean is Full of Tiny Plastic Particles – We Found a Way to Track Them With Satellites 07-09-21

A Proposal to Make Cargo Ships Pay For Pollution is Making Waves 07-07-21

Moving from awareness to action on plastic pollution 07-05-21

Coast Guard: ‘Large’ oil leak during Georgia ship demolition 07-01-21

Opinion: A ‘virgin plastics’ tax could help save the oceans 06-20-21

Email reveals how much coal ash has leaked from stranded barge 06-14-21

A Drone Army Is Rising Against Ocean Plastics 06-14-21

How bankruptcy lets oil and gas companies evade cleanup rules 06-07-21

Ocean Plastic: What You Need to Know 06-08-21

Up and down Florida’s coast, some manatees still struggle with starvation after peak die-off 05-25-21

Plastics and toxic chemicals are killing fish — and poisoning us 04-27-21

There Are Massive Chemical Dumps In The Gulf We Know Almost Nothing About 04-22-21

The ocean is a giant dump for chemical weapons. Can we clean it up before it’s too late? 04-12-21

How a shocking environmental disaster was uncovered off the California coast after 70 years 04-12-21

Florida officials scramble to prevent ‘catastrophic flood’ of contaminated water from leaking reservoir 04-04-21

‘Plastic Pollution Is a Social Justice Issue,’ New Report Warns 04-01-21

‘Underwater Roombas’ Searching Ocean Floor for DDT Dumped Near Catalina 03-21-21

5 Things to Know About Plastic Pollution and How to Stop It 03-17-21

Trawling for Fish May Unleash as Much Carbon as Air Travel, Study Says 03-17-21

Will the Race for Electric Vehicles Endanger the Earth’s Most Sensitive Ecosystem? 03-10-21

New Research Shows Just How Many Fish Are Eating Plastic 03-05-21

Beneath the blue: dive into a dazzling ocean under threat – interactive 02-23-21

Coastal Darkening Is a Hidden Environmental Nuisance 02-14-21

U.S. and Russia sign new maritime pollution agreement, conduct joint Bering Sea patrol 02-10-21

Hundreds of fish species, including many that humans eat, are consuming plastic 02-09-21

In the Oceans, the Volume Is Rising as Never Before 02-08-21

Why Ocean Pollution is a Clear Danger to Human Health 02-01-21


RCC and National Coalition Urge Biden to Stop Throwaway Plastics That Are Inundating the Oceans 12-19-20

Deadliest plastics: bags and packaging biggest marine life killers, study finds 12-13-20

Deep-sea ‘gold rush’: secretive plans to carve up the seabed decried 12-08-20

Key West Votes to Ban Large Cruise Ships Citing Economic and Environmental Impact 11-13-20

Study: Plastic Pollution Increases Ocean Acidification 11-10-20

Metal pollution is leaving scallops helpless against crabs and lobsters 11-05-20

Americans May Add Five Times More Plastic to the Oceans Than Thought 10-30-20

New WWF Report Shines a Light on Getting Rid of Ghost Gear 10-21-20

COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led To More Ocean Plastic Pollution 10-12-20

‘Poisoning the Pacific’: New book details US military contamination of islands and ocean 10-10-20

More than 14m tonnes of plastic believed to be at the bottom of the ocean 10-05-20

Hawai‘ian reefs lost almost half their fish to pollution and fishing 09-21-20

Humans’ construction footprint in the ocean quantified for the first time 09-08-20

Plastics Are Messing with Fish Physiology 09-02-20

Are Forever Chemicals Harming Ocean Life? 08-24-20

A New Plastic Wave is Coming to Our Shores Summer 2020

Could Fish Kill In Biscayne Bay Be A Sign Of Worsening Pollution? 08-12-20

Stranded whales and dolphins offer a snapshot of ocean contamination 08-10-20

Hundreds of Toxic Superfund Sites Imperiled by Sea-Level Rise, Study Warns 07-28-20

Sediment plumes from deep-sea mining could pollute vast swaths of the ocean, scientists say 07-20-20

How your car sheds microplastics into the ocean thousands of miles away  07-15-20

Audubon Challenges CBRA Sand Mining Rule 07-14-20

Toxic mercury pollution found in the ocean’s deepest point 06-28-20

An Unexpected Dinner Guest: Marine Plastic Pollution Hides a Neurological Toxin in Our Food 06-07-20

A Wave of Plastic 05-19-20


Deep-Sea Snail Builds Its Own Ironclad Suit of Armor. But Even That Can’t Protect It From Ocean Mining 07-25-19