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Study Reveals Biodiversity Engine For Fishes: Shifting Water Depth 02-13-23

NC Coast a Perfect Lab For Whale Researcher Andy Read 01-30-23

Loss of tiny organisms hurts ocean, fishing, scientists say 01-19-23

SUNY Geneseo and NOAA Ocean Exploration Bring the Deep Sea to Undergrad Classroom 01-10-23


A Baby Sea Turtle’s Mad Dash For the Sea is Perilous. A Fake Egg Could Make it Safer. 11-02-22

Why Do Sharks Matter? Author Dr. David Shiffman Explains 10-06-22

More Than 1.1 Million Sea Turtles Poached Between 1990 and 2020, Study Finds 09-09-22

In the Mind of a Whale 09-06-22

Discovered in the Deep: the Incredible Fish With a Transparent Head 08-31-22

Humpback Whales Pass Their Songs Across Oceans 08-30-22

Dolphins Use New York Harbor as a Feeding Ground, Study Finds 06-14-22

Officials: Florida manatees eat ‘every scrap’ in food trial 03-23-22

Warming Ocean Leaves No Safe Havens for Coral Reefs 02-01-22

A Million Acres of ‘Priceless’ Marshes: At Risk from Rising Tides? 01-31-22

Artificial island on Georgia coast to provide nesting habitat for shorebirds 11-23-21

Feds propose endangered species protections for turtle found only in Louisiana and Mississippi 11-22-21

Proposed national marine sanctuary off California advances 11-09-21

New Species of Whale Discovered 11-09-21

Finding Bright Spots in the Global Coral Reef Catastrophe 10-31-21

Five times the ocean helped us learn about the human body 10-29-21

Are We on the Verge of Chatting with Whales? 10-26-21

SC resident and fisherwoman want waterways, environment protected for future generations 10-10-21

Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard | Otter and Pelican Populations Rebound 10-09-21

Restore manatees’ endangered status, says Nikki Fried 10-06-21


Deep-sea doctor appointments could help pinpoint problems in endangered whale species 09-28-21

Only 73 southern resident orcas exist in the wild. Scientists just discovered that 3 of them are pregnant. 09-23-21

Speaking in colors 09-23-21

NOAA Announces New Protections for North Atlantic Right Whales After Year-Long Delay 09-01-21


One Cool Thing: Deep-sea Paradise 08-22-21

What’s Fueling Florida’s Seaweed Blooms? 08-02-21


Toxic algae bloom on Florida’s coast ravages marine life: “This is an absolute nightmare” 07-26-21

Slow down to give these endangered whales a chance 07-21-21

Red Tide adds urgency to Clearwater Marine Aquarium manatee rehab center 07-21-21

Coral reefs prevent more than $1.8 billion a year in U.S. flood damage 07-19-21

Seagrass can help reduce ocean acidification at local scales 07-13-21

Undersea volcanoes are home to more life than we know 07-12-21

Seashells Changed the World. Now They’re Teaching Us About the Future of the Oceans. 07-10-21

Guest opinion: Mike Gil: Fish act on shared knowledge. So should we. 07-10-21

A Billion Seashore Animals Cooked Alive During Pacific Northwest Heat Wave 07-05-21

The scientists fighting to save the ocean’s most important carbon capture system 07-05-21


A lobsterman found himself in a whale’s mouth. Really? Experts agree, it happens 06-16-21


Seabirds are today’s canaries in the coal mine – and they’re sending us an urgent message 05-27-21

Urchin mobs team up to butcher sea stars that prey on them 05-21-21

In the Deep Sea, Incredible Animals Abound 05-20-21

Spawning season underway for NC’s migratory fish 05-20-21

EcoWatch Dives Into Ocean Conservation With Fabien Cousteau 05-07-21

A Huge, Ancient Lake Sturgeon Has Been Lurking In The Detroit River 05-05-21


Efforts On to Rebuild NC’s Oyster Population 04-27-21

Extremely rare shortnose sturgeon caught in Potomac River excites biologists and fishermen 04-15-21

Opinion: Manatees are starving in Florida. Pollution is the likely culprit. 04-05-21


An Entire Group of Whales Has Somehow Escaped Human Attention 03-30-21

In the Pacific, Global Warming Disrupted The Ecological Dance of Urchins, Sea Stars And Kelp. Otters Help Restore Balance. 03-16-21

Spike in Florida Manatee Deaths Linked to Human Activity, Loss of Food Sources 03-11-21


Why Care About a Sea Turtle? 02-26-21

Fewer than 366 North Atlantic Right Whales Are Left, New Study Shows 02-25-21

Clean energy, justice, and salmon: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the Northwest 02-24-21

Arctic ice loss forces polar bears to use four times as much energy to survive – study 02-24-21

NC’s Crustaceans, Shellfish Make A Big Splash 02-22-21

Renewing a Fundamental Commitment To Save America’s Whale on World Whale Day 02-21-21

Lifeforms That ‘Shouldn’t Be There’ Found By Scientists Under Antarctic Ice 02-16-21

More Than 3,500 Turtles Are Rescued From Texas Cold 02-17-21

A ‘uniquely American whale’: new species discovered off southern US coast 02-08-21

NFL Green Tackles Coral Restoration Project in Florida Ahead of Super Bowl LV 02-04-21


Empty seas: Oceanic shark populations dropped 71% since 1970 01-27-21

North Atlantic Right Whales Having Best Calving Season in Years 01-25-21

Keeping Watch Over Seabirds at the World’s Edge 01-05-21

New Whale Population Discovered in Indian Ocean 01-04-21



Deeper Dive into the World of NC’s Sea Jellies 12-30-20

State officials plan to ban lobster fishing for several months a year to help endangered right whales 12-17-20

Rising Temperatures Driving a Shift to All-Female Sea Turtle Populations 12-04-21


Trump Takes Aim at Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Reduces Protections for Nations Birds  11-30-20

Trump Administration Approves Navy Training that Could “Take” Endangered Whales 11-18-20

At Sea and in Court, the Fight to Save Right Whales Intensifies 11-17-20

Scientists at Work: Sloshing Through Marshes To See How Birds Survive Hurricanes 11-10-20


Why there is hope that the world’s coral reefs can be saved 10-18-20

Cargo Vessels Are Killing More Whales — A New Effort Aims to Save Them 10-14-20


Rising water temperatures pose risks to Arctic char: new research 09-24-20

Rising ocean temperatures due to climate change may shrink the breathable ranges of marine animals 10-20

Oregon seabird facing dual threats as forests burn and oceans warm, study says 09-23-20

American River Otters in North Carolina 09-15-20

When the Otters Vanished, Everything Else Started to Crumble 09-10-20

Ocean warming has seafloor species headed in the wrong direction 09-07-20

‘The World That Darwin Never Saw’: Scientists Discover 30 New Marine Species in the Galapagos 09-05-20


Bird Care Continues at Cape Amid Lockdown 08-26-20

UNCW Researchers Spawn Endangered Coral 08-25-20

What Have We Done to the Whale? 08-24-20

Treasure and Turmoil in the Deep Sea 08-14-20

New Study Finds Reef Shark Populations Declining More Globally Than Previously Known 08-13-20

Pacific walruses are again gathering much earlier than usual at Alaska Chukchi beach sites 08-13-20

Global warming threatens Atlantic puffin recovery in Maine 08-11-20

Sharks: Imperiled, Maligned, Fascinating 08-09-20

The Ocean’s 12 Megaprovinces 08-05-20


Proteus Unveiled: Fabien Cousteau’s Underwater ‘Space Station’ Could Revolutionize Ocean Research 07-24-20

Scientists to Explore Mysterious Blue Hole off Florida 07-24-20

Sophisticated Social Networks Exist Among Beluga Whales, Study Finds 07-22-20

Ocean Scientists Create Global Network to Help Save Biodiversity 07-10-20

Northern Right Whales Are on the Brink, and Trump Could Be Their Last Hope 07-09-20


The Sea’s Weirdest Creatures, Now in ‘Staggering’ Detail 06-05-20

Marine Wildlife Populations Have Halved in the Last 40 Years, Report Finds 09-16-15