Marine Heat Waves Could Threaten Dolphin Survival, Study Suggests 04-02-19

The survival rates of Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphins like this one were reduced following a marine heat wave in Australia. Read more at EcoWatch

‘Absolutely Magical’: Southern California Sees Largest Painted Lady Migration Since 2005 03-13-19

Southern California is in the midst of a “magical” surprise: unusually large swarms of Painted Lady butterflies filling the skies from San Diego to Pasadena. Read more at EcoWatch

As Work Begins on Trump’s Border Wall, a Key Wildlife Refuge Is at Risk 02-28-19

Construction is underway on a stretch of President Trump’s border wall cutting through the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. Biologists warn the steel wall will disrupt carefully preserved habitat critical for the survival of ocelot, jaguarundi, and other threatened species. Read more at Yale Environment 360

Ospreys’ Recovery From Pollution and Shooting Is a Global Conservation Success Story 02-27-19

A hundred years ago, a person wandering the back roads of coastal New England might have come across an odd sight: an osprey. Read more at EcoWatch

Monarch Butterfly Population Plummets in California 01-07-19

The population of monarch butterflies that spend winter along the California coast dropped 86 percent since 2017, according to a recent count by the Xerces Society, an invertebrate conservation group. Read more at EcoWatch