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World’s Largest Wildlife Crossing Will Stretch Across California’s Highway 101 04-11-22

The roads and highways humans have built bisect the natural environment and divide the ranges and migratory routes of many species, presenting a danger to the animals who need to cross them. Read more

60 Years after Silent Spring Warned Us, Birds—and Humanity—Are Still in Trouble 03-23-22

Data show alarming declines in wildlife but also point to ways to save it. Read more

Eggs laid by peregrine falcons in Pennsylvania’s live streaming nests: Here’s how to watch 03-21-22

Peregrine falcons at two Pennsylvania nests monitored by livestreaming cameras are tending to eggs laid in those nests recently. Read more and links to live web cams

Birds are remarkable and beautiful animals – and they’re disappearing from our world 01-28-22

In the past half century, North America has lost a fourth of its birds. Earth is now a coalmine, and every wild bird is a canary. Read more

A Bird in the Hand 01-27-22

Bird banding, as practiced here at Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory on the upper Eastern Shore, has been around for more than a century, but scientific inquiry into the mysterious ways of birds is more important than ever. Read more

This Wonder Bird Flies Thousands of Miles, Non-Stop, as Part of an Epic Migration 01-05-22

The more scientists learn about the Hudsonian godwit, the more they’re amazed—and worried. Read more

We saved the puffins. Now a warming planet is unraveling that work. 01-04-22

“Seabirds are climate change prisoners. Our inaction makes us the executioners.” Read more