Opinion: Manatees are starving in Florida. Pollution is the likely culprit. 04-05-21

Manatees in South Florida’s rivers, estuaries and lagoons are not doing well this year. Since the beginning of 2021, 432 have already died. Read more

Marine Mammals Help Mitigate Climate Impacts on Ocean Ecosystems 03-23-21

Kelp forests along the U.S. West Coast are threatened because of an exploding sea urchin population caused by the climate crisis. Read more

Biden’s Chance to Save the Everglades 03-21-21

Reviving the South Florida ecosystem enjoys bipartisan support and deserves federal funding. Read more

Spike in Florida Manatee Deaths Linked to Human Activity, Loss of Food Sources 03-11-21

The first few months of 2021 have been extremely deadly for manatees as food sources in Florida have become increasingly limited, scientists say. Read more at EcoWatch

Endangered Florida Panther Is Beginning to Roar Back 03-10-21

The endangered Florida panther is finally getting the spotlight it deserves — it’s making a comeback after teetering on the brink of extinction. Read more at Our Daily Planet

Biden administration seeks to restore migratory bird protections 03-08-21

The Biden administration on Monday moved to rescind a Trump administration rule that rolled back protections against the inadvertent killing of migratory birds. Read more at Reuters

Butterflies are vanishing out West. Scientists say climate change is to blame. 03-04-21

The rate of decline is “calamitous,” one scientist said, and has implications for crops and the environment. Read more at The Washington Post

The Art and Education of Owling 02-04-21

To search for an owl is to dance with nature in real time. Read more at The New York Times

Biden Urged to Help Save American Bumblebees From Extinction 02-02-21

“It is our hope,” said Hirokawa, “that the Biden administration grasps the gravity of this moment.” Read more at EcoWatch

Cities Can Help Migrating Birds on Their Way By Planting More Trees and Turning Lights Off at Night 01-16-21

Millions of birds travel between their breeding and wintering grounds during spring and autumn migration, creating one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world. Read more at EcoWatch

America’s Newest National Park Is Also the First in West Virginia 01-07-21

The U.S. is beginning the new year with a new national park. Read more at EcoWatch

New Whale Population Discovered in Indian Ocean 01-04-21

A study published last week in the journal Endangered Species Research reports the discovery of a new group of blue whales living in the Indian Ocean. Read more at Our Daily Planet