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Serious About Saving the Bees? Time to rethink agriculture 10-15-14

There is much more to “saving the bees” than spring flowers and a golden mascot. We need mulitcultural pollinator communities if we want to keep eating our favorite foods …Full article

President Obama Takes Action to Protect Bristol Bay, Alaska 12-16-14

The President’s action places a national treasure—and one of the nation’s most productive fisheries—off limits for oil and gas leasing. Alaskans have been fighting to preserve Bristol Bay for decades …Full article

President Obama Seeks Wilderness Designation for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 1-26-14

The Department of the Interior announced the release of a conservation plan that recommends additional protections for the Refuge that asks Congress to designate core areas the highest level of protection available to public lands.

If passed by Congress, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would become the largest ever wilderness designation since Congress passed the Wilderness Act more than 50 years ago.

The recommendation covers 12.28 million acres including four rivers which would ensure the land and water would remain unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has the most diverse wildlife in the arctic including caribou, polar bears, gray wolves, muskoxen, more than 200 species of birds, 37 species of mammals and 42 species of fish …full article