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A Huge EV Factory is Coming to West Tennessee. Here’s How Locals Are Ensuring they Benefit. 12-18-23

Communities are using an organizing tool intended for sports stadiums to bargain with energy transition projects for labor standards and affordable housing. Read more

Chart: The US Installed More Solar in 2023 Than Ever Before 12-15-23

The industry saw 55% growth over 2022, according to forecasts — but headwinds threaten to temper the momentum in the years ahead. Read more

America’s first ‘enhanced’ geothermal plant just got up and running 12-03-23

Next-generation geothermal could be a huge source of carbon-free power. A first-of-a-kind project from Google and Fervo Energy is a step in that direction. Read more

How Dominion Energy is Creating a $9.8 Billion Road Map for Offshore Wind 11-30-23

Close to $22 billion in U.S. offshore wind projects have been delayed or canceled, but the Virginia utility is moving forward with the largest facility in U.S. waters.

‘Massive’ Federal Solar Investment Could Mean Big Utility Savings in Kentucky Coal Country 11-28-23

Advocates see an Inflation Reduction Act program as a critical opportunity to help low-income communities reap the benefits of solar power.

The UAW ratifies a contract — and labor’s road ahead in the EV transition 11-20-23

The historic contract solidifies workers’ role in the clean energy transition, and it already has other automakers raising wages. Read more

As offshore wind stumbles, Biden moves to speed up solar and geothermal in the West 11-06-23

New clean energy projects could power the country, but they need more transmission lines to do it. Read more

New IEA outlook: With renewable energy ‘unstoppable,’ fossil fuels will peak by 2030 10-24-23

The International Energy Agency also warns of a natural gas glut that could threaten the world’s ability to meet Paris Agreement targets. Read more

Why Rivian is funding a $1 billion solar project built on a Kentucky coal mine 10-12-23

The electric vehicle company has a unique selection process that goes beyond cost and capacity for new energy projects. Read more

Americans don’t hate living near solar and wind farms as much as you might think 10-03-23

Three-quarters of all Americans say they would be comfortable living near solar farms while nearly 7 in 10 report feeling the same about wind turbines.

EVs are a climate solution with a pollution problem: Tire particles 09-25-23

The tiny fragments that tires release into the environment are yet another reason to reduce car use. Read more

A simple way to make electric cars more accessible: Share them 09-14-23

Car shares not only make EVs more equitable, they reduce the number of vehicles on the road and the resources needed to decarbonize transport. Read more

Chart: Renewables are on track to keep getting cheaper and cheaper 09-01-23

A new report says that ongoing improvements in solar and wind tech will keep driving steep cost declines that make them even more competitive against fossil fuels. Read more

US offshore wind pushes ahead despite industry turmoil 08-24-23

As the U.S. prepares to open the Gulf of Mexico up to offshore wind, the industry faces a tricky combination of surging demand and financial woes. Read more

The Clean Energy Future Is Arriving Faster Than You Think 08-13-23

The United States is pivoting away from fossil fuels and toward wind, solar and other renewable energy, even in areas dominated by the oil and gas industries. Read more

Nevada shows states how to build workforce for solar energy boom 08-06-23

The state has jumped to the forefront in retraining workers for jobs at large-scale solar plants, and workers from other states are flocking there for guidance. Read more

Maine to go all in on offshore wind 07-25-23

State lawmakers are expected to pass legislation that boosts floating offshore wind projects in the Gulf of Maine as the fledgling U.S. industry hits a growth spurt. Read more

Chart: Wind and solar are outperforming coal on US grid this year 07-21-23

Renewables are making progress in replacing coal, but to decarbonize U.S. electricity by 2035, they’ll need to replace fossil gas too. Read more

Biggest offshore wind farm in the US gets the go-ahead 07-11-23

The Biden admin approved a project off the New Jersey coast that will generate enough renewable power for up to half a million homes. It could be online by 2025. Read more

Renewables are getting oil-rich Texas through scorching heat 06-29-23

Solar, wind and batteries are helping oil-rich Texas weather the heat wave. Read more

To reach net-zero emissions, American homes need an electric makeover 06-22-23

A new report says U.S. households need to buy 14 million extra heat pumps, induction stoves, and other electric alternatives in the next three years. Read more

The feds move to speed up development of wind and solar on public land 06-21-23

A rule proposed by the Bureau of Land Management would cut leasing fees for those projects by 80 percent. Read more

Agrivoltaics finds new fans in US Senate 06-20-23

Agriculture and solar: a winning combination for farmers, the climate and now — thanks to two recently introduced bills — maybe the Senate, too. Read more

A planned “charging depot” reveals what powering electric big rigs could look like 06-13-23

A four-acre site near the Port of Oakland will run off renewable energy and charge 96 trucks at a time. Read more

The government should pay people for driving electric cars, not for buying them 06-13-23

A new study suggests that replacing broad subsidies with targeted ones offers a bigger carbon-savings bang for the public buck. Read more

Chart: Clean energy investment to hit $1.7T, widening lead on fossil fuels 06-02-23

That’s more than the $1 trillion oil, gas and coal will get this year — but still a far cry from the $4 trillion IEA says will be needed annually by 2030. Read more

Another target of GOP spending cuts: renewables for farmers 05-30-23

A budget proposal in the House could roll back billions for rural clean energy. Read more

After a four-year campaign, New York says yes to publicly owned renewables 05-04-23

The state has set ambitious climate targets. Now it’ll build the clean energy it needs to meet them. Read more

Not-in-my-backyard opposition threatens Biden’s wind energy goals 05-03-23

The future of wind energy clashes with a painful past in Idaho Read more

What could $1 billion do for Puerto Rico’s energy resilience? Residents have ideas. 04-21-23

As the Department of Energy aims to boost energy reliability in Puerto Rico, local solutions are already doing just that. Read more

The GOP donors behind a growing misinformation campaign to stop offshore wind 04-20-23

Fossil fuel-backed groups say offshore wind hurts whales. But some Republicans still embrace the industry’s economic benefits. Read more

Massive transmission line will send wind power from Wyoming to California 04-17-23

After 18 years, the TransWest Express line receives final approval. Read more

Walmart Plans to Grow Electric Vehicle Charging Network 04-13-23

Walmart plans to install thousands of EV-fast charging stations nationwide by 2030. Read more

One State Generates Much, Much More Renewable Energy Than Any Other—and It’s Not California 03-09-23

Here’s a state-by-state tally of the leaders and laggards for wind, solar and other renewable energy in 2022. Read more

An activist group is spreading misinformation to stop solar projects in rural America 02-18-23

Roger Houser’s ranching business was getting squeezed. The calves he raises in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley were selling for about the same price they had a few years earlier, while costs for essentials like fuel and fertilizer kept going up. But Houser found another use for his 500 acres. Read more

Tesla co-founder’s startup gets $2 billion to boost EV battery production 02-13-23

The DOE loan is part of a Biden Administration push to create a domestic EV supply chain. Read more

US renewable energy farms outstrip 99% of coal plants economically – study 01-30-23

It is cheaper to build solar panels or cluster of wind turbines and connect them to the grid than to keep operating coal plants. Read more

First look: Clean water for Texas colonias 01-25-23

A new pilot initiative is tapping into solar-powered tech as a solution to the water crisis affecting hundreds of thousands of people living in colonias along the U.S. and Mexico border. Read more

How to build a better bike-share program 01-20-23

When corporate owners ditched New Orleans’s bike share, the community stepped up to rebuild it with a focus on equity. Read more