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For U.S. Companies, the Race for the New EV Battery Is On 12-20-22

Spurred by federal mandates and incentives, U.S. manufacturers are pushing forward with developing new battery technologies for electric vehicles. Read more

Autoworkers vote to unionize EV factory in historic win for labor movement 12-09-22

The election at the plant, owned by GM and LG Energy Solution, is a major test for the labor movement in the fight against climate change Read more

Energy security concerns and new policies lead to largest ever upward revision of IEA’s renewable power forecast 12-08-22

The first truly global energy crisis, triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has sparked unprecedented momentum for renewables. Read more

EPA awarding nearly $1 billion to schools for electric buses 10-26-22

Vice President Kamala Harris and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan are set to announce the grant awards Wednesday in Seattle. Read more

Clean energy transition gains speed, despite global tumult 10-17-22

Investment in wind and solar is set to outpace oil and gas drilling for the first time this year, according to one analyst — a milestone in the worldwide transition to clean energy that comes in spite of a spiraling energy crisis and calls to increase fossil fuel production. Read more

Will offshore wind bring ‘good-paying, union jobs’? Texas workers aren’t so sure. 10-14-22

With wind coming to the Gulf of Mexico, Texas unions demand stronger labor protections. Read more

Compared to oil and gas, offshore wind is 125 times better for taxpayers 09-23-22

A new report finds per-acre revenue from offshore wind blows oil and gas out of the water Read more

Schools are harnessing solar power in record numbers 09-20-22

Solar arrays offer cost savings and educational opportunities. Read more

Electric planes are coming: Short-hop regional flights could be running on batteries in a few years 09-19-22

Electric planes might seem futuristic, but they aren’t that far off, at least for short hops. Read more

Banning Gas Cars Is Good, but It’ll Take More to Save the Planet 09-16-22

People must both drive less and switch to electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions enough to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Read more

A Solar Wave Spurred by the Storm 09-13-22

This week kicks off Latino & Hispanic Heritage Month, but September also marks a life-changing moment for the people of Puerto Rico. Read more

‘Transformational’: could America’s new green bank be a climate gamechanger? 09-11-22

Long championed by climate activists, the green bank would provide funding to expand clean energy use across the US. Read more

Oil companies say they’re going green, but their investments tell another story 09-09-22

A new report finds that Big Oil spent $750 million last year on climate-friendly marketing. Read more

The electric vehicle boom could bring lithium mines back to North Carolina 08-31-22

Not all locals are happy about it. Read more

Democrats’ Climate Deal Puts U.S. Emissions Goals In Reach, 3 Separate Studies Show 08-04-22

The historic spending package is also forecast to create up to 9 million new jobs, lower electricity bills and prevent thousands of premature deaths. Read more

How Joe Manchin’s change of heart could revive the U.S. solar industry 07-30-22

The gamble by a company here churning out large volumes of solar panels was starting to look risky. Read more

Biden’s under-the-radar executive moves would make solar cheaper for low-income renters 07-29-22

Before the Manchin news broke, Biden announced a slate of climate measures. Read more

Senate deal should make it easier to buy electric vehicles 07-29-22

The surprise deal by Senate Democrats on a slimmed-down bill to support families, boost infrastructure and fight climate change also is likely to jump-start sales of electric vehicles. Read more

Green energy jobs are on the rise as fossil fuel companies lose workers 06-30-22

At least in terms of the job market, 2021 was a good year for renewable energy. Read more

Better late than never: Biden administration unveils new push for offshore wind 06-27-22

The partnership with 11 states could generate enough energy to power 10 million homes. Read more

Solar is one of the cleanest power sources we’ve got. But it could be even greener. 06-21-22

Some manufacturers are going the extra mile to clean up emissions from a critical material in solar panels’ supply chain. Read more

As Illinois Coal Jobs Disappear, Some Are Looking to the Sun 05-26-22

While Illinois phases out coal, clean energy jobs hold promise—both for displaced coal workers, and those harmed by the fossil fuel economy. Read more

NYC wants more rooftop solar. Its fire code is getting in the way. 05-19-22

Public safety vs. climate action: The battle over the Big Apple’s rules for buildings. Read more

How to Make a City Safer for E-Bikes? Think Infrastructure 05-17-22

E-bikes are a powerful tool for lowering carbon emissions — boosting adoption is mostly dependent on offering riders protected bike lanes to enhance safety. Read more

Batteries are getting cheap. So why aren’t electric vehicles? 04-27-22

In 2015, the average price paid for an EV was around $36,000. Now, it’s over $63,000. Read more

These 9 cities are leading the nation’s solar surge. 04-21-22

Together, they’re generating more solar power than the entire country did a decade ago. Read more

Can the EPA actually make school buses greener? 04-18-22

Electric school buses could greatly reduce students’ exposure to diesel emissions. Read more

As utility-scale renewables expand, some Midwest farmers are pushing back. 04-11-22

Rural communities are concerned about losing agricultural land in a region long-defined by its farming roots . Read more

Wind blows the competition out of the water 04-18-22

It’s Monday, April 18, and American wind power just set a new record. Read more

States’ solar fights pinpoint tensions between environmentalists and utility companies 03-31-22

Lawmakers in Florida are clamping down on solar incentives for homeowners. Read more

Utility monopolies are hurting rooftop solar. Can antitrust lawsuits rein them in? 02-18-22

A federal court found that an Arizona utility that crushed rooftop solar was not protected from antitrust laws. Read more

Q&A: Diversifying Access to Clean Energy with Community Solar 02-10-22

Transitioning households to renewable energy will require massive investments in rooftop solar. Read more

Biden administration plan calls for $5 billion network of electric vehicle chargers along interstates 02-10-22

Grants included in the infrastructure law will help states build a charging network designed to reach highways in almost every corner of the country. Read more

Community solar’s star is on the rise 02-10-22

In the last few months, I’ve seen a flurry of headlines painting a rosy view for the future of community solar. Read more

Why This Could Be a Critical Year for Electric Cars 02-08-22

Booming in a depressed market, battery-powered vehicles are a plus for the climate but pose a big threat to carmakers and parts suppliers that are slow to change. Read more

Electric vehicles are here. How can we make them equitable? 02-02-22

There is an urgent need to make clean transportation equitable and widely accessible. Read more

Why doesn’t every big box store have rooftop solar? 01-24-22

Superstore roofs span billions of square feet. Covering them in solar panels could power nearly 8 million homes. Read more

Schwarzenegger: We Put Solar Panels on 1 Million Roofs in California. That Win Is Now Under Threat. 01-17-22

California has more rooftops with solar panels than any other state and continues to be a leader in new installations. But a proposal from the state’s public utility commission threatens that progress. Read more

Building equity into the renewable energy transition 01-12-22

Community and labor organizers shape New Mexico’s changing economy. Read more

The first offshore wind lease sale under Biden is coming soon. Will the fishing industry intervene? 01-11-22

The Interior Department is expected to greenlight the first offshore wind lease sale under President Biden as soon as this week, a move that would lower the nation’s reliance on the fossil fuels that are dangerously warming the planet.  Read more

As U.S. moves toward solar energy, this roofing company hopes ‘solar shingles’ will get homeowners to buy in 01-03-22

One of the largest roofing companies in the U.S. will offer a new solar roofing product, with the aim of driving installation costs down and solar adoption up. Read more