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No land, no problem. Floating solar panels might be the next big thing. 12-02-19

A blue lagoon sits outside of Sayreville, New Jersey, inside a lush preserve of spruce, maple, and oak trees. The 35-acre basin holds some of the town’s water supply, which requires enormous amounts of electricity to pump and treat. Read more at Grist

The Trouble With Biofuels 11-15-19

The Trump administration has promised to expand their use, which would make farmers happy. But are consumers aware of biofuels’ potential consequences? Read more at The Revelator

The world’s energy report card just came out. We failed 3 subjects 11-14-19

The world just got its energy report card … and at best, its grades are mixed. Every year, the International Energy Agency releases a mammoth report detailing the world’s progress toward providing clean energy to all. Read more at Grist

Colorado’s cleanest energy options are also its cheapest 11-07-19

New modeling shows the state can decarbonize — at a savings. Of all the states in the US, Colorado may be the best prepared for a genuine, large-scale energy transition. Read more at Vox

Offshore Wind Energy Could Generate Enough Electricity to Power the World. Will the U.S. Get on Board? 10-30-19

The International Energy Agency predicted offshore wind will be a $1 trillion industry by 2040. Read more at Rolling Stone

From the Rooftops, Big Box Stores Are Embracing Solar 10-07-19

Target and Walmart are trying to out-green each other in proving to customers they are environmentally responsible businesses. Read more at The New York Times

First U.S. Gas Station to Switch to All-Electric Charging Opens in Maryland 10-02-19

A gas station in Maryland has ditched fossil fuels to set up the first fully electric recharging service station for electric vehicles. The electric car charging station opened last week with four charging bays. Read more at EcoWatch

Global renewable energy has quadrupled over past decade 09-06-19

With solar leading the way, clean energy capacity growth is helping the planet avoid billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Read more at The Daily Climate 

The all-electric home: Tackling air pollution by cutting off natural gas 08-27-19

The apartment complex rising on the southwestern edge of Salt Lake County looks like any other forming on empty lots, former farmland and razed scrub oak seemingly everywhere in Utah. Read more at The Salt Lake Tribune

Low on water, California farmers turn to solar farming 08-06-19

If California is to meet its goal of running on 100-percent clean electricity by 2045, fields that once grew hay are going to have to start producing electrons. Read more at Grist

How American Cities Score on Clean Energy 08-01-19

The good news: More American cities are taking action. The bad news: There’s a lot left to be done. Read more at City Lab

Energy audit inspires Virginia yogis to ‘stand up for something that’s important’ 07-08-19

Yogaville leaders hope their investments in solar power send a message about opposing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Read more at Energy News Network 

For the first time ever renewables beat coal in the US 06-26-19

n a remarkable sign of the shifting fortunes of dirty energy and clean energy, more renewable power was generated in April than coal power — something that’s never happened before in the United States. Read more at Think Progress

L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s ‘Green New Deal’ would phase out gas-fueled cars 04-29-19

Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled a sweeping plan for a more sustainable Los Angeles on Monday, calling for dramatic changes to the car culture, buildings and air quality of America’s second-largest city. Read more at the Los Angeles Times

Offshore Wind Farms are Spinning up in the US—At Last 04-17-19

The Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts will shut down, a victim of rising costs and a technology that is struggling to remain economically viable in the United States. Read more at Wired

Energy Equity: Bringing Solar Power to Low-Income Communities 04-04-19

Millions of Americans lack access to solar energy because they cannot afford the steep upfront costs. Now, more than a dozen states are adopting “community solar” programs that are bringing solar power and lower energy bills to low-income households from New York to California. Read more at Yale Environment 360

They Grew Up Around Fossil Fuels. Now, Their Jobs Are in Renewables. 03-26-19

His Great-Grandfather, Grandfather and Father Mined Coal. He Wants to Replace It. Read more at The New York Times

New Wind and Solar Power Is Cheaper Than Existing Coal in Much of the U.S., Analysis Finds 03-25-19

Coal-fired power plants in the Southeast and Ohio Valley stand out. In all, 74% of coal plants cost more to run than building new wind or solar, analysts found. Read more at EcoWatch

Why The Green New Deal Cuts Consumer Energy Costs & Unemployment 03-9-19

By focusing on renewable energy that is both clean and zero-emission, the Green New Deal reduces, in one fell swoop, energy insecurity due to the fossil fuel and nuclear industries. Read more at Clean Technica

Europe’s renewable energy policy is built on burning American trees 03-04-19

Biomass energy, in the form of wood pellets, is inadvertently making the climate crisis worse. Read more at Vox

Putting the sun in Sunshine State? Florida’s about-face on solar power 02-11-19

Solar power has long been a pet issue for progressives and environmentalists. But in Florida, utilities are starting to embrace the technology for economic reasons. Read more at The Christian Science Monitor 

Agrivoltaics: Solar Panels on Farms Could Be a Win-Win 01-22-19

Massachusetts is leading the charge in dual-use solar installations, making it possible to grow some crops and pasture animals while generating clean energy. Read more at Civil Eats

In Minneapolis, low-income neighborhoods see influx of clean energy investment 01-18-19

The city’s “green zones” program aims to encourage solar and energy efficiency projects while preventing gentrification. Read more at Energy News Network

World’s Largest Solar + Battery Plant Unveiled in Hawaii 01-09-19

Hawaii has a new, game-changing tool in its renewable energy arsenal. Power producer AES Corporation and the not-for-profit Kaua’i island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) unveiled what’s claimed to be the world’s largest solar-plus-storage peaker on the island of Kauai.