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Wind Industry Strives to Expand With Leased Turbines 12-24-15

Growing up on Lake Erie, Dennis Rak spent countless days bracing against the wind that whipped off the great lake and cut across his parents’ fruit and vegetable farm. Rak came to view it as one of life’s enduring regularities, and one of several cllimatic ingredients needed to grow Concord grapes …Full article

World’s First Solar-Hydrogen Residential Development is 100% Self-Sustaining 12-23-15

We’ve seen individual homes that are completely off-grid, but there are very few residential developments that have this distinction. Thailand-based development company CNX Construction is set to debut the world’s first 24-hour, solar-powered hydrogen storage multi-house complex …Full article

Ocean Tides to Power More Than 150,000 Homes 10-18-15

According to a Reconstruct reports, the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon will use the rise and fall of ocean tides to generate enough renewable electricituy to power 155,000 homes for 120 years …Full article

U.S. Navy Invests in World’s Largest Solar Farm 8-26-15

The U.S. Navy is building what will be the largest solar farm in the world in order to provide power for 14 of its bases. The Mesquite solar farm in Arizona, where two earlier phases of the project are already up and running, enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. The solar farm is one of a growing number being installed across what is know as the American Sun Belt …Full article

A Hawaiian Clean Energy Plant Makes Electricity from Seawater and Ammonia 8-25-15

A 40-foot tall tower on the Big Island of Hawaii will harvest the oceans’ energy using a method that has renewable energy advocates drooling. This new research facility and demo power plant uses seawater of different temperatures to power a generator via turbine with no carbon output …Full article

Record-Breaking Solar Flight Lands in Hawaii Demonstrating Potential of Carbon-Free Travel 7-3-15

The “Solar Impulse” landed in Hawaii breaking the world records for the longest distance and duration for solar aviation, and the world record for the longest solo flight ever …Full article

The Future Is Here: Google Is Turning An Coal Plant Into A Clean Energy Powered Data Center 6-25-15

An old coal-burning power plant slated to close in October has been given new life thanks to Google, which recently announced plans to build its first U.S.-based data center in 8 years on the grounds of Alabama’s Widows Creek power plant …Full article

Catawba College Completes Phase I of Premier Solar Project 6-10-15

Phase I of Catawba College’s solar installation is complete. It will ultimately provide nearly one megwatt of solar electricity for the campus. The 8 new solar electric systems will produce more solar electricity than that produced by all the other colleges and universities in North Carolina combine ...Full article

Surge in Renewables Remakes California’s Energy Landscape 5-26-15

Thanks to favorable geography, innovative government policies, and businesses that see the benefits of clean energy investments, California is closing in on its goal of generating a third of its electricity from renewables by 2020. Solar farms are blooming across California’s deserts, wind turbines are climbing the Sierra and photovoltaic roofs are shimmering over suburbs as a clean energy rush is transforming the Golden State so quickly that nearly 25% of its electricity now comes from renewable sources with new facilities coming onlihne at a rapid rate …Full article

Construction Begins on Solar Farm at Elon University’s Loy Farm 3-11-15

An array of solar panels on university property will generate nearly 3 megawatts of electricity. Work is underway on a 15-acre solar farm at the Loy Farm area of Elon University. The solar farm is being developed by Suntuity, a NJ based company that focuses on large-scale solar power projects around the world, including 10 in the US …Full article

College Town Cuts Ties With TransCanada Over Keystone XL, Plans to go 100% Renewable 3-5-15

The battle over building the Keystone XL ppipelline is having an impart far from its proposed route. One of those places is the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to Harvard University and MIT. the city currently purchased the electricity that powers its municiple buildings from TansCanada, Keystone XL’s parent company. But now it city council has passed a unanimous resolution advising city manager Richard Rossi not to do business witht the company once its current contract expires at the end of 2015 …Full article