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Rachel Carson’s Maine: Wonders at the edge of the sea never grow old 09-08-21

The author, marine biologist, and conservationist was one of the state’s most perceptive ‘summer people.’ Read more

For Rachel Carson, wonder was a radical state of mind 10-02-19

Misplaced wonder at our own scientific and technological prowess, she worried, would isolate humanity from the realities of the world we share, not just with one another, but with all living creatures. Read more at Aeon

Will Rachel Carson Be the First Woman on the $20 Bill?

There’s a movement afoot to put a woman on the $20 bill and retire the slavery-supporting, Trail-of-Tears-Blazing President Andrew Jackson from his long-held post.

Among the top 15 nominees is marine biologist and author Rachel Carson whos groundbreaking book Silent Spring warned of the degredatio of natural systems if pesticide use continued unchecked. Carson didn’t live to see the formation of the U.S. EPA or the 1972 ban on the sale of DDT in the U.S. …Full article

Rachel Carson Discovered in West Virginia?

Where would you look for Rachel Carson’s typewriter, the oversized magnifying glass with which she poured over the tiny print of Federal publications to be edited, or her earliest memos warning about DDT in 1945? …more