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The Country’s First New Aluminum Smelter in 45 Years Could Cut Production Emissions by 75% 05-03-24

Century Aluminum Co. hopes half a billion dollars in federal funding will help it revive a dying industry while making it less polluting. Read more

California Communities are Fighting the Last Battery Recycling Plant in the West — and its Toxic Legacy 04-22-24

Lead battery recycling is a crucial but dirty business. As a plant outside Los Angeles seeks to renew its operating permit, the community pushes back. Read more

As Amazon Eliminates Plastic Packaging Abroad, It’s Using Even More in the US 04-04-24

A new report finds Amazon has reduced plastic packaging the most in countries with stringent regulations. Read more

Zero- and Low-waste Businesses Band Together Against Plastic Pollution 04-04-24

As part of a national coalition, sustainable businesses are pooling resources to fight plastic pollution. Read more

Amazon Says Its Plastic Packaging Can Be Recycled. An Investigation Finds It Usually Isn’t. 03-20-24

Trackers placed in 93 bundles of Amazon packaging marked for “store drop-off” recycling showed many of them were buried or burned. Read more

As MVP Nears Completion, Some Residents Say Their Concerns For Safety and Pollution Are Being Ignored 03-12-24

Some residents along the route in Virginia worry their concerns about pollution and safety aren’t being heard.

Air Pollution Could Be Significant Cause of Dementia – Even For Those Not Predisposed 02-21-24

People in areas of high PM2.5 concentrations had higher amounts of amyloid plaques in brain Read more

Lives “devastated’ by Petrochemical Industry Pollution in Texas: Report 01-25-24

The report underscores the climate, environmental, and human rights tolls linked to petrochemical production.

Plastic bag bans have already prevented billions of bags from being used, report finds 01-23-24

“The bottom line is that plastic bag bans work.” Read more