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A new report calls chemical recycling a ‘dangerous deception’ — and a former plastic lobbyist agrees 11-01-23

Most U.S. chemical recycling facilities turn plastics into fuel to be burned. Read more

8 new types of ‘forever chemicals’ found in river linked to US cancer cluster 10-30-23

People living by the Cape Fear River have been plagued by PFAS pollution for years. Now, the problem looks even more drastic.

Five Decades and a Mountain of Evidence: Study Explores How Toxic Chemicals are ‘Stealing Children’s Future Potential’ 10-23-23

They couldn’t get pregnant. No one told them their ovaries held ‘forever chemicals.’ 08-26-23

The researchers started in an alligator pond and ended up at a fertility clinic. Read more

3M reaches historic settlement over PFAS contamination 06-22-23

1 in 20 Americans have the “forever chemicals” in their drinking water. The new, $10.3-billion deal will kickstart the cleanup process. Read more

On Vinyl 04-20-23

THE TRAIN THAT DERAILED NEAR THE Ohio-Pennsylvania border in February 2023 was hauling mixed frozen vegetables. It was hauling malt liquor and semolina flour as well as chemicals used to make plastics. Read more

PFAS may not offer fabric stain protection as hyped: Study 04-13-23

A PFAS finish on indoor fabric does not prevent water- or oil-based stains any better than fabrics without the chemical coating, unless the conditions are “ideal,” researchers found in a recent study. Read more

You probably have “forever chemicals” in your body. Here’s what that means. 03-15-23

A chemist explains how PFAS can harm us — and what to do about them. Read more

PFAS: EPA releases proposed drinking water standards for six “forever chemicals” 03-15-23

The Biden administration announcement comes after years of pleas from exposed communities, scientists and health and environmental activists. Read more

Citing birds and bees, groups petition EPA to close pesticide loophole 02-23-23

“The failure to regulate treated seeds creates a gigantic regulatory blind-spot — allowing one of the largest and most widespread uses of pesticides to go almost completely untracked and unregulated.” Read more

Adrift: Communities on the front lines of pesticide exposure fight for change 02-07-23

Rural communities of color and farmworkers are disproportionately exposed to some of the most dangerous chemicals used in agriculture. Read more

How pesticides intensify global warming 01-23-23

A new study shows that pesticides are a key contributor to climate change, from their manufacturing, transportation, and application, all the way to their degradation and disposal. Read more

People exposed to weedkiller chemical have cancer biomarkers in urine – study 01-20-23

Study measured glyphosate in urine and found high levels associated with signs of oxidative stress Read more