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Meet 3 Women Working on the Frontline of Ocean Conservation 06-08-21

The earliest iteration of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was founded in 1977 to “defend, conserve and protect our ocean.” Meet three women, featured by Vogue, who are carrying out the organization’s mission. Read more

California to Nestlé: Stop Draining Our Water 04-30-21

As California’s drought conditions are worsening, Nestlé is pumping millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino forest. Read more

Protect our ocean ‘to solve challenges of century’ 03-17-21

Protecting the ocean has a triple whammy effect, safeguarding climate, food and biodiversity, according to new research. Read more at BBC News

California’s Kelp Forests in Climate Peril 03-16-21

Kelp forests are some of California’s most iconic ecosystems and a new satellite study show they’re almost gone. As the Ocean Conservancy explained, kelp forests are the anchor of nearshore ocean wildlife communities, sustaining marine biodiversity by providing shelter, habitat, and even food for an array of fish and invertebrates. Read more at Our Daily Planet

Why Hawaii’s seawalls are doing more harm than good 03-15-21

Pu‘uloa, a coral-lined stretch of sand along the southern curve of O‘ahu, is a sacred place. To the native people of Hawaii, it is home to an ancestral shark goddess, the spot where humans first stepped foot on the island. Read more at Grist

After Travels West, NC Coast Beckons 02-12-21

A small group of us were headed to Cape Lookout National Seashore to view the historic lighthouse completely illuminated with bright lights. Read more at Coastal Review