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RCC and National Coalition Urge Biden to Stop Throwaway Plastics That Are Inundating the Oceans 12-09-20

“The problem is getting much worse very quickly,” said Oregon U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, sponsoring legislation to “Break Free From Plastics.” “Our planet cannot afford inaction.” Read more at RCC

Rise in sea level from ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica match worst-case scenario: study 09-09-20

Rise could expose 16 million people to annual coastal flooding by the end of the century, says study Read more at CBC

Ocean warming has seafloor species headed in the wrong direction 09-07-20

Here’s what we know (and don’t know) about how dangerous PFAS chemicals travel ocean currents and harm wildlife — and what that could mean for humans. Read more at Science Magazine

51 Years Later, the Cuyahoga River Burns Again 08-28-20

The Ohio waterway that so famously caught on fire in 1969, inspiring the Clean Water Act, caught fire again this week Read more at Outside

Are Forever Chemicals Harming Ocean Life? 08-24-20

Here’s what we know (and don’t know) about how dangerous PFAS chemicals travel ocean currents and harm wildlife — and what that could mean for humans. Read more at The Revelator

The muddy waters of US ocean protection 08-17-20

The century began with a great deal of optimism around marine protected areas as tools to protect the oceans. Two decades later, conservation goals and fishing interests remain at odds. Read more at Environmental Health News

How a Blue New Deal charts a course for a sustainable sea change 07-20-20

Last week, a group of activists, scientists, academics and others issued a report calling for policies and other initiatives to generate prosperity while addressing inequity and the climate crisis. Read more at Green Biz

Ocean Justice: Where Social Equity and the Climate Fight Intersect 07-16-20

Marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson sees her work on ocean conservation as linked to issues of social justice and climate. Read more at Yale Environment 360

Climate change will make world too hot for 60 per cent of fish species 07-02-20

Fish are at a far greater risk from climate change than previously thought, as researchers have shown that embryos and spawning adults are more susceptible to warming oceans. Read more at New Scientist

‘Selling off the future’: Trump allows fishing in marine monument 06-06-20

Administration opening areas off New England coast up to commercial fishing, a move experts say will hurt the environment. Read more at The Guardian

New High Seas Treaty Could Be a Gamechanger for the Ocean 05-09-20

Most of us have never been to the world’s immense last wilderness and never will. It’s beyond the horizon and often past the limits of our imaginations. Read more at EcoWatch

Scientists say ocean life could rebound in 30 years — if we act now 04-05-20

The glory of the world’s oceans could be restored within a generation, according to a major new scientific review. It reports rebounding sea life, from humpback whales off Australia to elephant seals in the U.S. and green turtles in Japan. Read more at Grist

Rising Tides, Troubled Waters: The Future of Our Ocean 04-02-20

The ocean is undergoing unprecedented changes. What does it mean for marine life, the planet, and us? Read more at Rolling Stone

Clean Water Wanted: Contaminated Wells And The Legacy Of Fossil Fuel Extraction 03-01-20

“You seen that one with the tombstone up there?” seven-year-old Timothy Easterling asks, looking toward the grass just uphill from his home. “That’s my papaw.” Read more at Resource

Washington State to Ban Bottled Water Operations 02-19-20

Bottled water manufacturers looking to capture cool, mountain water from Washington’s Cascade Mountains may have to look elsewhere after the state senate passed a bill banning new water permits, as The Guardian reported. Read more at EcoWatch