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Why the world must protect nuclear reactors from military attacks. Now. 12-15-22

Russia’s war in Ukraine is approaching its tenth month with no apparent end in sight. All the while, the international community is still scrambling to respond to the threats of attacks on Ukraine’s nuclear reactors and nuclear facilities. Read more

The Cold War Legacy Lurking in U.S. Groundwater 10-03-22

In America’s rush to build the nuclear arsenal that won the Cold War, safety was sacrificed for speed. Read more

Nuclear Alarm Bells at Zaporizhzhia 09-07-212

The extreme risks around Ukraine’s massive nuclear plant are the strongest argument yet for an end to the use of nuclear power. Read more

Interview: Small modular reactors get a reality check about their waste 06-17-22

Even before Chernobyl’s RBMK reactor became the standard design of the Soviet Union, it was known to have inherent safety flaws but kept unchanged because it was “cheaper” that way. Read more

Holtec slammed over 1 million gallon radioactive water dump scheme 05-08-22

At the conclusion of a close to four-hour public “field hearing” held in the community of Plymouth, MA on May 6, 2022, Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts pulled no punches. Read more

NuScale: Not new, not needed 04-17-22

Risks of rising costs, likely delays, and increasing competition cast doubt on long- running development effort. Read more

Russian military surrounds Europe’s largest nuclear power plant as Ukrainians block access roads 03-02-22

Russian military forces have taken control of the territory around the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, which contains six of country’s 15 nuclear reactors, heightening concerns that the safety of the plant and its workers could be at risk. Read more

The Tularosa Downwinders Have Waited 75 Years for Justice 01-25-22

Even though the first atomic bomb exploded in their state, New Mexicans were never compensated for the health consequences of nuclear contamination. Read more