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Navajo Nation Fights Uranium Contamination 10-28-21

For decades, uranium mining has contaminated the Navajo Nation, causing higher cancer rates and water pollution. Read more

‘A combination of failures:’ why 3.6m pounds of nuclear waste is buried on a popular California beach 08-24-21

The San Onofre nuclear power plant shut down years ago – but residents and experts worry what will happen with the waste left behind. Read more 

Reaching net zero without nuclear 07-11-21

The fourth in the series of Talking Points draws on the new report by Jonathon Porritt, New Zero Without Nuclear: The Case Against Nuclear Power. Read more

Why Bill Gates is wrong 03-14-21

Billionaire’s nuclear ambitions would make climate disaster worse. Read more at Beyond Nuclear

New Mexico’s nuclear rush 02-03-21

A massive nuclear waste site near Carlsbad is seemingly on a fast track. Can the company behind it be trusted? Read more at Searchlight New Mexico