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Trump’s Call for a New Nuclear Arms Race: ‘Absolutely Frightening’ 12-24-16

President-elect Donald Trump raised the prospect of a new global arms race on Thursday, after he suggested on Twitter he would increase the size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Read more on EcoWatch

A Massive Sinkhole Just Dumped Radioactive Waste Into Florida Water 9-21-16

The cause? A fertilizer company deep in the heart of phosphate country.

About 30 minutes east of Tampa Bay, a 45-foot-wide sinkhole opened in late August, depositing at least 215 million gallons of polluted, slightly radioactive water into a vast underground aquifer. Read more on Mother Jones

New Study Casts Doubt on the Future of Nuclear Power 8-23-16

While it’s been touted by some energy experts as a so-called “bridge” to help slash carbon emissions, a new study suggests that a commitment to nuclear power may in fact be a path towards climate failure. Read more on EcoWatch

Rocky Flats: A Wildlife Refuge Confronts Its Radioactive Past 8-16-16

The Rocky Flats Plant outside Denver was a key U.S. nuclear facility during the Cold War. Now, following a $7 billion cleanup, the government is preparing to open a wildlife refuge on the site to the public, amid warnings from some scientists that residual plutonium may still pose serious health risks. Read more on Yale Environment 360

$7.6 billion ‘clean energy’ bailout for New York nuclear plants 8-3-16

New York has approved a massive $7.6 billion subsidy to keep four aging upstate plants open on the false promise that they provide ‘clean and renewable energy’, writes Karl Grossman. Campaigners for genuine clean energy fear that other pro-nuclear states may follow NY Governor Cuomo’s dubious lead. Read more on Ecologist

New film about Indian Point nuclear power plant provides insights about regulating the nuclear industry 7-17-16

“Indian Point” is a film about the long problem-plagued Indian Point nuclear power plants that are “so, so risky—so close to New York City,” notes its director and producer Ivy Meeropol. “Times Square is 35 miles away.” Read more on Enformable

Hanford union blackballed for insisting on safety 7-7-16

At the most contaminated worksite in America – the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland – observers could assume workers don every necessary protective device, including breathing masks similar to what firefighters use. Read more on NBC King 5 Western Washington

5 More U.S. Nukes to Close, Will Diablo Canyon Be Next? 6-17-16

A rising tsunami of U.S. nuke shut-downs may soon include California’s infamous Diablo Canyon double reactors. But it depends on citizen action, including a statewide petitionRead more on EcoWatch