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 ‘Almost every household has someone that has died from cancer’ 05-06-19

A small town, a chemical plant and the residents’ desperate fight for clear air Read more at The Guardian

Researchers Now Have Even More Proof That Air Pollution Can Cause Dementia 05-02-19

A Mother Jones investigation prompted the study that turned up the most convincing evidence to date.Read more at Mother Jones

More than 80 percent of waste from Pennsylvania’s oil and gas drilling stays in the state: Report 04-23-18

Exposure to oil and gas drilling waste has been linked to numerous health impacts, including cancer. Read more at The Daily Climate

Man Who Developed Cancer After Roundup Use Awarded More Than $80 Million in Damages 03-28-19

A jury in the first U.S. federal Roundup trial ruled Wednesday that Bayer must pay more than $80 million in damages to 70-year-old Edwin Hardeman, who developed cancer after using the glyphosate-containing weedkiller. Read more at EcoWatch

A Second U.S. Jury Finds That Roundup Causes Cancer 03-20-19

The unanimous verdict was announced Tuesday in San Francisco in the first federal case to be brought against Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, alleging that repeated use of the company’s glyphosate-containing weedkiller caused the plaintiff’s cancer. Read more at EcoWatch

Surge in chemical use ‘a threat to health and environment03-12-19

Sales of synthetic chemicals will double over the next 12 years with alarming implications for health and the environment, according to a global study that highlights government failures to rein in the industry behind plastics, pesticides and cosmetics. Read more at The Guardian

Insecticide linked to increased breast cancer risk — 40 years after exposure 02-25-19

Researchers found DDT exposure before puberty may have increased the breast cancer risk for women in their 50s.

Melinda Lewis remembers splashing in the irrigation canals that outlined her grandpa’s walnut and almond groves in the late 1960s. Read more at Environmental Health News

Plastics: The New Coal in Appalachia? 02-25-19

With the natural gas fracking boom, plastics production is spreading in the Ohio River Valley. But at what cost to health and climate? Read more at Inside Climate News

How an Oregon Rancher is Building Soil Health—and a Robust Regional Food System 01-31-19

Fourth-generation rancher Cory Carman holistically manages 5,000-acres which serve as a model for sustainable meat operations in the Pacific Northwest. Read more at Civil Eats

Research casts doubt on EPA drinking water standard 01-29-19

More than 5 million Americans get their drinking water from public water systems that could contain hazardous levels of a chemical called nitrate, which is linked to public health risks Read more at Grist

It is time to respect the planet’s boundaries—and overhaul how we eat and waste food—if we want to feed our rising population 01-18-19

If we’re to feed the estimated 10 billion people on Earth in 2050—and protect the planet— we have to completely overhaul food production and choose healthier diets, says international report. Read more at Environmental Health News 

Contaminated groundwater, a toxic legacy of Georgia’s air bases 01-03-19

For decades, the United States Air Force used a toxic firefighting foam that contaminated water near bases and exposed communities to chemicals linked to cancer and a variety of other health problems. Read more at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Trump County Confronts the Administration Amid a Rash of Child Cancers 01-02-19

The children fell ill, one by one, with cancers that few families in this suburban Indianapolis community had ever heard of. An avid swimmer struck down by glioblastoma, which grew a tumor in her brain. Read more at The New York Times