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Common Chemical Strongly Linked to Parkinson’s 05-23-23

Service members stationed at Camp Lejeune, where water was contaminated, had a 70 percent greater risk of developing the movement disorder, new study finds. Read more

Study: Even a small increase in pollution raises risk for dementia 04-06-23

Research from Harvard suggests that governments need to revamp air quality rules. Read more

Lead keeps poisoning children. It doesn’t have to. 03-22-23

The only way to stop long-lasting harms is to end exposure. And that’s possible — with the right actions. Read more

‘A strange and beautiful place’: My portable paradise 03-17-23

Mine is a short journey, but you wouldn’t know it. Read more

Biden misses the point on cancer fight 02-09-23

In President Biden’s state of the union address Tuesday night, he pledged his devotion to a fierce “fight against cancer,” invoking a heart-tugging story of baby “Ava,” who began battling kidney cancer at the age of 1. Read more

In polluted cities, reducing air pollution could lower cancer rates as much as eliminating smoking would 02-03-23

“Places with high levels of air pollution would still have higher cancer rates even if smoking was eliminated.” Read more

Gas stove pollution causes 12.7% of childhood asthma, study finds 01-06-23

Gas-burning stoves in kitchens across America are responsible for roughly 12.7 percent of childhood asthma cases nationwide — on par with the childhood asthma risks associated with exposure to secondhand smoke, according to a study. Read more

West Baltimore Residents, Students Have Mixed Feelings About Water Quality After E. Coli Contamination. 01-04-23 Read more