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A century of tragedy: How the car and gas industry knew about the health risks of leaded fuel but sold it for 100 years anyway 12-09-21

It has been 100 years since a pivotal day in the development of leaded gasoline. Read more

A Texas Town Stopped an Energy Giant from Drilling Next to a Day Care. Then It Changed Its Mind. 11-30-21

When the City Council of a Dallas suburb last year rejected TotalEnergies’ bid to drill behind a day care, the story made national news as a sign that the racial reckoning underway had helped a Texas town do what it had almost never done: Say no to drilling. Read more

A Willfully Misunderstood Earmark Can Help Reduce Climate-Change Heat Deaths 11-29-21

A small item in Build Back Better is in fact a response to a mortal threat.Read more

Pollution’s mental toll: How air, water and climate pollution shape our mental health 11-18-21

For years Americans have been warned about the dangers of pollution and climate change but one effect is neglected: impacts to our brains. Read more

Cities’ Answer to Sprawl? Go Wild. 10-22-21

Urban forests, plant-festooned buildings and other ‘rewilding’ efforts can help bolster climate resilience, biodiversity, even moods. Read more 

Inaction on climate change imperils millions of lives, doctors say 10-20-21

Top medical journal warns that rising temperatures will worsen heat and respiratory illness and spread infectious disease. Read more

Editors of Over 230 Medical Journals Urge Governments to Take Drastic Climate Action for Public Health 09-07-21

The editors of more than 230 medical journals said in a statement on Monday that human health is being harmed by climate change, and that the effects could become catastrophic if governments don’t do more to address it. Read more

Breast cancer: Hundreds of chemicals identified as potential risk factors 07-22-21

Researchers find nearly 300 chemicals linked to breast cancer-contributing hormones in everyday products, and call for a renewed focus on women’s exposure risks. Read more

The “twin crises” of high cancer rates and exposure to toxics in Pittsburgh 07-15-21

Doctors, researchers, and advocates call for action on cancer-causing pollution in southwestern Pennsylvania. Read more

For Farmworkers, Heat Too Often Means Needless Death 07-09-21

Advocates say the case of an undocumented Oregon worker during the record-breaking Pacific Northwest heatwave exposes the deadly toll of failed U.S. immigration law. Read more

Poisoned 03-24-21

Hundreds of workers at a Tampa lead smelter have been exposed to dangerous levels of the neurotoxin. The consequences have been profound. Read more

Covid-19 Took a Bite From U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2020 01-12-21

Emissions plunged more than 10 percent. If the trend can be sustained, it would put the United States within striking distance of one of its major goals under the Paris climate agreement. Read more at The New York Times