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Study Links Fracking to Premature Births, High-Risk Pregnancies 10-9-15

A new study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has linked hydraulic fracturing, commonly know as fracking, to premature births and high-risk Pregnancies …Full article

The Meat Industry is Licking it’s Chops Over Obama’s Massive Trade Deal 10-7-15

The US meat industry scored a big victory this week when world leaders hammered out an agreement that would reduce trade barriers across the Pacific. …Full article

12 Universities Leading the Charge in Serving Locally-Source Food 8-28-15

Many cafeterias around the U.S. are working to provide students with healthy, sustainable meal options. to do this, colleges and universities are changing the way they purchase and prepare food in their cafeterias and many of them are beginning to source food locally …Full article

Baltimore Wins Grants to Remove Health Hazards from Homes 8-26-15

It’s a hidden danger that’s affected the health of thousands of Baltimore City children — hazardous lead in paint and other items in homes. Now there’s a multi-million dollar effort to eliminate lead paint dangers  …Full article

RCC Special Report: What’s in Your Food? 8-24-15

According to the Environmental Working Group’s 2015 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce nearly two-thirds of the 3,015 produce samples tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2013 contained pesticide residues …Full report

Time’s Up for Decision on Hog Farms, The EPA’s 180 days are up 8-19-15

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce today how it will address allegation over North Carolina’s hog industry, which environmentalists say is harming the health of racial minorities …Full article

Clock Ticking as EPA Prepares Response Over Hog Pollution 8-19-15

Environmentalists want to clean up North Carolina’s hog farms. They’re calling on the federal government, which could withhold state funds …Full article

What Does it Mean for the Food Industry to Scrap Anitbiotics, Cages, GMOs, and Artificial Ingredients? 8-3-15

This has been a big year in the restaurant and food-retail world, with many brands and chains announcing significant overhauls of their supply chains and ingredients with an eye toward animal welfare and public health-or so it might seem …Full article

Health Groups Praise Obama Plan on Coal, Saying it Will Save Lives 8-3-15

Health organizations have praised President Obama’s plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. The new Clean Power Plan — certain to be challenged in the courts and in the Republican Congress — will require power plants to reduce carbon emissions by 32% from 2005 levels between now and 2030 …Full article

What Does ‘Low Dose’ Mean When It Comes to Exposure to Toxic Chemicals? 6-29-15

A major study reveals how exposure to over 80 different chemicals could have synergistic impacts on the development of cancer …Full article

What’s Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah? 6-22-15

A fracking boomtown, a spike in stillborn deaths and a gusher of unanswered questions A midwife come under attack after she starts asking questions about dead babies in a Utah fracking town. Every night, Donna Young goes to bed with her pistol, a .45 Taurus Judge with laser attachment. …Full article

Study Says Outdoor Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter 6-19-15

As Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” …Full article

Fracking Linked to Low Birth Weight Babies 6-18-15

Expectant mothers who live near natural gas fracking site may be at increased risk of having babies with lower birth weight, according to a new study of birth rates in Pennslyvania …Full article

25 Most and Least Polluted Cities in America 4-30-15

The American Lung Association’s annual “State of the Air” report is out. The report reviews monitoring data on the two most common and harmful types of air pollution—ozone (smog) and particle pollution (soot)—and compiles “a report card” telling how much of each type of pollution is in the air where you live …Full article

Advocacy Group Offers U.S. Testing for Herbicide Feared Linked to Cancer 4-22-15

An advocacy group seeking a ban on the world’s most widely used herbicide said it is launching a U.S. public testing project to gather data on detectable levels of the herbicide in drinking water, human urine an2d breast milk. …Full article

North Carolina Residents Worry Over Tainted Water From Nearby Coal Ash Pond 4-22-15

After state regulators began telling people who live near Duke Energy coal ash ponds that their well water was contiminated, some residents said their worst fears are being confirmed. …Full article

Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crop System Puts Monarch Butterflies at Brink of Extinction 3-20-15

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) released a detailed, 80-page scientific report, Monarch in Peril: Heribide-Resistant Crops and the Decline of Monarch Butterflies in North America. …Full article

Lawsuit Launched Over US EPS’s Approval of a New Pesticide 3-18-15

The Center for Biological Diversity, the Center for Food Safety and the Defenders of Wildlife sent a formal notice of intent to sue the EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy claiming that by approving the insecticide flupyradifurone the agency is in violation of the Endangered Species Act.  …Full article

5 Projects to Transform Civic Space in Philly, Yield Lessons in Collaboration 3-16-15

In West Philadelphia, one neighborhood has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past 10 years—new residential housing, a revitalized commercial corridor, and an influx of millennials—but has not lost its convivial spirit …Full article

We’re Finding Out What’s in Fracking Wastewater, and it Ain’t Pretty 3-11-15

California is often a green leader but better is not the same as flawless. California is doing a better job of regulating fracking than any other state, but local activists would rather they just ban it like New York has. …Full article

Toxic Manure Lagoons Spark Battle Over Chinese-owned Pigs in the US 3-10-15

Attorneys for the Chinese company that now owns America’s largest pork producer, Smithfield Foods, have asked a federal judge to forbid people who live near pig manure lagoons on their farms from mentioning the new Chinese owners – or the country of China or pork exports to China – in court …Full article

Unexpected Toxics Are Surfacing with Fracking Fluid from Oil and Gas Wells 1-14-15

Researchers find alarming levels of ammonium and iodide in fracking wastewater released into Pennsylvania and West Virginia streams. …Full article

The Diet Climate Connection

The droughts, heat waves and wildfires have vividly brought home the effects of our warming planet. Some of the consequences will also show up at the grocery store. Foods we buy will cost more because of crop failures …More

The best way to get people to save energy isn’t through their pocketbook. To save power, appeal to health benefits 1-12-15

Conventional wisdom holds that the most effective way to get people to save energy is to show them how much money they’ll save. Turns out there’s a more efficient approach …Full article