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A Broken Land 04-02-19

Ecological devastation in the American heartland. Fracking has tangible effects on the land and on the people living there and opposition to the industry has emerged, creating new alliances between middle- and working-class Americans. Read more at The Nation

U.S. banks pledged to fund renewable energy, but they still spend way more on fossil fuels 03-30-19

Each year since the Paris climate agreement, major world banks have increased their financing of fossil fuels, pouring $1.9 trillion into the industry from 2016 through 2018. Read more at Grist

More States Crack Down on Pipeline Protesters, Including Supporters Who Aren’t Even on the Scene 03-28-19

South Dakota’s law is the latest as pipeline companies encourage tougher penalties for activists who block oil & gas projects—and for the groups that support them. Read more at Inside Climate News

What We Know About Fossil Fuels 30 Years After The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 03-24-19

The largely invisible impacts of long-term fossil fuel extraction were beginning to surface. Read more at HuffPost

The Hidden Risk in the Fracking Boom 02-20-19

Are pipeline safety regulations keeping pace with the flood of natural gas?

At 10:40 a.m. on Monday, January 21st, a pipeline carrying natural gas ruptured in rural Noble County, in southeastern Ohio, producing a fireball that engulfed the Noll family home, with 12-year-old son Nash inside. Read more at Rolling Stone

TVA Votes to Close 2 Coal Plants, Despite Political Pressure from Trump and Kentucky GOP 02-14-19

The aging Paradise coal-fired power plant is unreliable, expensive and polluting, TVA data show. The federally owned utility said its decision is based on economics. Read more at Inside Climate News

Atlantic Coast Pipeline delayed to 2020, Dominion adds $1B to cost estimate 02-04-19

Dominion Energy disclosed on Friday that its Atlantic Coast Pipeline project has been delayed and costs are rising, a result of environmental lawsuits that have forced a stop in construction. Read more at Utility Dive