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As Some Countries Spurn Cars, the U.S. Continues to Embrace Highways 03-30-24

Canada will no longer fund major road expansion, and other countries are looking at ways to lessen dependence on cars.

California Towns Are Banning New Gas Stations. Big Oil is Paying Attention. 02-28-24

Some activists view the industry’s response as a badge of success. Read more

Hidden Subsidies Prop Up New York’s Fossil Fuel Industry 02-10-24

The state wants to phase out fossil fuels. Localities have given over a billion dollars in tax breaks to help keep them around. Read more

Why a Natural Gas Storage Climate ‘disaster’ Could Happen Again 02-03-24

A year after a major methane leak from underground gas storage, a new study identifies potentially thousands of similarly risky wells across the United States.

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Amid Losses, Wood Pellet Company Enviva at Risk of Default 01-29-24

Enviva, a wood pellet producer with a huge economic and environmental footprint in North Carolina, is teetering on the edge of financial collapse. Read more

‘Control the narrative’: How an Alabama Utility Wields Influence By Financing News 01-21-24

A Floodlight investigation found Alabama Power runs a news service and its foundation bought a Black newspaper. Neither publishes critical stories about the utility. Read more

U.S. Carbon Emissions Fell in 2023 as Coal Use Tumbled to New Lows 01-10-24

The drop was big, but emissions will need to fall three times as fast for the rest of the decade if the country wants to meet its climate goals. Read more