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Fossil Fuels Beget Dictators 03-15-22

Americans may think we are powerless as we bear witness to Putin’s war and the bravery of the Ukrainian resistance. We’re not. Read more

‘This is a fossil fuel war’: Ukraine’s top climate scientist speaks out 03-15-22

As western governments untangle themselves from Russian oil and gas, Svitlana Krakovska argues that the roots of the climate crisis and invasion are in fossil fuels. Read more

All-American Oligarchs: The Big Oil CEOs Profiting From War In Ukraine. 03-10-22

Amid the fog of rumor and accusation that has accompanied the war in Ukraine, one thing is clear: Big Oil is absolutely using the resulting run-up in fuel prices to price-gouge and profiteer. Read more

The massive disconnect between Big Oil’s words and actions, in data. 03-07-22

A new study illustrates fossil fuel companies’ greenwashing agenda. Read more

The Biden Administration’s Easiest Climate Win Is Waiting in the Arctic. 03-03-22

The ConocoPhillips Willow oil project threatens to erase the climate benefits of renewables on public lands and waters. Read more

U.S. Oil Industry Uses Ukraine Invasion to Push for More Drilling at Home 02-26-22

The goal is “energy security,” lobbyists said, although clean-energy advocates counter that wind and solar provide more protection from boom-and-bust oil markets. Read more

Study: Maintenance is a major driver of unaccounted-for emissions 02-07-22

We’ve got a lot of old oil and gas infrastructure, and it’s leakier than we thought. Read more

Harvard’s $53 Billion Endowment Is Boosting Its Bets on ‘Climate Solutions’ 02-03-22

University’s fossil-fuel holdings remain at less than 2%. Read more

Abandoned oil well counts are exploding — now that there’s money on the table 01-21-22

$4.7 billion released by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has states rethinking their abandoned oil well tallies. Read more

More than 450 scientists call on PR and ad firms to cut their ties with fossil fuel clients 01-19-22

Scientists and activists are taking aim at Edelman, a public relations giant, and other outfits earning money from companies that fuel climate change Read more

Exxon pledges to cut emissions — but not from its oil 01-19-22

Exxon Mobil’s new net-zero pledge stacks up poorly, even by oil company standards. Read more 

Coal was dying. Then 2021 happened. 01-10-22

The dirtiest fossil fuel is on the rise — and with it, U.S. carbon emissions. Read more