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Activists Welcome Cancellation of Texas LNG Terminal 03-23-21

Leading U.S. fossil fuel company on Monday announced the cancellation of a planned fracked natural gas terminal in southern Texas. Read more at EcoWatch

This Billionaire Governor’s Coal Companies Owe Millions More in Environmental Fines 03-12-21

The richest person in West Virginia, who is also the state’s governor, owns coal companies that routinely violate environmental laws. Read more at Propublica

Decline of Coal shows Gov’t Policy, Renewables crucial to Reducing Carbon Emissions: The Market isn’t Enough 03-02-21

Low natural gas prices nor the adoption of renewable energy significantly reduced the life of coal units. Read more at Informed Comment

The key to making sound climate policy? Rein in (or win over) utilities monopolies. 03-02-21

Now that we’ve had a couple weeks to process all that went wrong in Texas, people are paying more attention to the national electricity landscape, how it functions, and who’s in charge. Read more at Grist

DivestVU, Dores Divest hold an over 30-person protest at Vanderbilt’s Kirkland Hall 02-23-21

Dores Divest’s 14-foot-mystical creature, an orange unicorn, made an appearance on Library Lawn at 2 p.m. CST and marched with students to Kirkland Hall. Read more at Vanderbilt Hustler

150 years of spills: Philadelphia refinery cleanup highlights toxic legacy of fossil fuels 02-16-21

It’s a glimpse of what lies ahead if the United States hopes to wean itself off fossil fuels and clean up the toxic legacy of oil, gas and coal. Read more at Reuters

Appalachia’s Natural Gas Counties 02-12-21

Contributing more to the U.S.economy and getting less in return. Read the full Ohio River Valley Institute Report. Click here to read the full report

How the Fossil Fuel Industry Convinced Americans to Love Gas Stoves 02-11-21

In early 2020, Wilson Truong posted on the NextDoor social media platform—where users can send messages to a group in their neighborhood—in a Culver City, California, community. Writing as if he were a resident of the Fox Hills neighborhood. Read more at Mother Jones

Deaths from fossil fuel emissions higher than previously thought 02-09-21

Fossil fuel air pollution responsible for more than 8 million people worldwide in 2018 Read more at Harvard School of Engineering 

Living with natural gas pipelines: Appalachian landowners describe fear, anxiety and loss 02-03-21

Advocates and experts point to a long-standing pattern of corporate influence on the nation’s ‘go-to source of nutrition advice.’ Read more at The Conversation

PR firms need to dump Big Oil. This guy wants to help them do it. 02-03-21

Since November, Henn has been leading an effort to pressure his colleagues in advertising and PR to drop their petro clients. Read more at Grist

A Thin Green Line 01-31-21

During a decade when Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia flouted carbon emissions goals, activists fighting fossil fuel exports made global impact. Read more at Grist

Coal Communities Across the Nation Want Biden to Fund an Economic Transition to Clean Power 01-26-21

The president promised to create a task force on how best to help the communities. Advocates want that and new jobs, broadband internet and funding for health and education. Read more at Inside Climate News

U.S. cities consider treating fossil fuels like nuclear weapons 01-12-21

For decades, the potential for a nuclear catastrophe felt like a waking threat, just around the corner. Read more at Grist 

Creighton University to divest fully from fossil fuels within 10 years 01-05-21

Creighton University announced it plans to phase out all investments in fossil fuels from its $587 million endowment within the next 10 years and target new investments in sustainable energy. Read more at EarthBeat