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Trump’s Christmas Gift to Big Oil: Killing Hopes of Electric Car Tax Credit Extension 12-19-19

The oil industry, a staunch opponent of electric vehicles (EVs), received an early Christmas present from the White House as President Trump reportedly intervened to quash an EV tax credit expansion from inclusion in a government spending package. Read more at EcoWatch

The Art of Oil 12-18-19

Oil money has fueled the arts for ages. Can museums survive without it? Read more at Grist 

Scotland is Turning Pennslyvania Shale Gas Into Plastic. But What Happens to it Next? 12-17-19

It’s a windy day on the Firth of Forth, a wide river estuary in central Scotland, and Jasper Hamlet is jabbing at the sand on Ferrycraigs Beach with a stick. He peels back layers of sand, dried seaweed, and sticks, and finds what he’s looking for: plastic pellets called “nurdles.” Read more at The Allegheny Front

A blowout turned an Ohio natural gas well into a methane ‘super-emitter’ 12-16-19

Using satellite data, scientists have confirmed that a 2018 blowout turned a natural gas well in Ohio into a “super-emitter,” leaking more methane in 20 days than all but three European nations emit over an entire year. Read more at The Washington Post

Move over, coal: Gas now emits more CO2 in U.S. 12-09-19

Global carbon dioxide emissions from natural gas are rising faster than from other fossil fuels. A liquefied natural gas tanker docks at a port in China’s Hebei province last month. Yang Shiyao/Xinhua News Agency/Newscom Read more at E&E News

What the petrochemical buildout along the Ohio River means for regional communities and beyond 12-04-19

The Ohio River Valley, like the rest of the U.S., stands at a crossroads of energy and industry, facing decisions about whether to turn toward a future of renewable energy and a green jobs revolution or one of shale gas and plastics. Read more at Environmental Health News

Researcher says shale gas development stymies efforts to combat climate change 11-19-19

Continued development of shale oil and gas is a bridge fuel gone too far, according to Dr. Brian Schwartz, senior investigator at the Geisinger Health Research Center. Read more at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

U.S. Suspends More Oil and Gas Leases Over What Could Be a Widespread Problem 11-17-19

Fossil Fuel leases totaling hundreds of thousands of acres have been suspended as courts rule against the BLM for ignoring climate impact. Read more at Inside Climate News

Major Coal Producer And Trump Booster Files For Bankruptcy 10-29-19

The Trump administration has spent three years trying to help the coal industry by rolling back environmental regulations and pushing for subsidies for coal-fired power plants. Read more at NPR

Op-ed: Natural gas vs. renewable energy — beware the latest gas industry talking points 10-27-19

The natural gas industry is on an aggressive public relations tear to convince Americans that for decades to come, it is the “bridge” between coal and renewable energy. Read more at The Daily Climate

Americans would rather reduce oil and gas exploration than ‘drill, baby, drill’ 10-25-19

A new poll finds that a clear majority of Americans say oil and natural gas drilling should be curtailed or maintained at current level. But opinions were divided along partisan lines. Read more at The Washington Post

We Need a Just Transition—Because We Should Abandon Coal, Not Coal Workers 10-20-19

The coal industry is dying. But we can’t allow the communities that have been dependent on coal to die along with it. Read more at EcoWatch

Editorial: Will SC need gas pipeline like it needed abandoned coal, nuclear plants? 10-19-19

In 2007, Santee Cooper said it would run out of electricity to power Myrtle Beach within five years if it didn’t build a $1.2 billion coal plant on the Great Pee Dee River. 10-19-19

Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions 10-09-19

New data shows how fossil fuel companies have driven climate crisis despite industry knowing dangers. Read more at The Guardian

Meet The Coal Town Betting Big On Outdoor Recreation 09-27-19

Standing on the breezy outlook at Flag Rock Recreation Area, Norton City Manager Fred Ramey is taking in the panoramic view of downtown Norton, Virginia. The brick building-lined streets are framed by the verdant, rolling Appalachian mountains. Jagged, brown scars from mountaintop mining operations can be seen in the distance, reminders of the region’s history of coal production. Read more at Resource

GOP Leadership Huddles with Fossil Fuel Industry During Climate Week 09-22-19

YOUTH DEMONSTRATORS stormed streets across the world demanding drastic action on the climate crisis on Friday, following a visit by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg on Capitol Hill last week to press lawmakers to view rising greenhouse gases as an existential problem that requires an immediate response. Read more at The Intercept

Is U.S. shale facing an ‘unmitigated disaster’? 09-19-19

The booming shale industry could be headed off a financial cliff, experts say, and environmental groups are asking who will clean up thousands of wells drilled miles beneath the surface if businesses go bust. Read more at E & E News

University of California Will Divest From Fossil Fuels 09-19-19

The University of California system will dump all of its investments from fossil fuels, as the Associated Press reported. The university system controls over $84 billion between its pension fund and its endowment. However, the announcement about its investments is not aimed to please activists. Read more at EcoWatch

The oil industry vs. the electric car 09-16-19

Electric vehicles could make up nearly half the fleet of passenger cars and trucks by 2040. But oil and gas companies are striking back.

The oil industry is trying to crush the booming electric car movement. Read more at Politico

In Rural Appalachia, Beekeeping Offers a New Path for Coal Miners 09-12-19

Nearly 40 percent of coal jobs disappeared over the past decade. The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective is offering West Virginians a new future. Read more at Civil Eats

America’s mega-emitters are starting to close 08-16-19

When the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona shuts down later this year, it will be one of the largest carbon emitters to ever close in American history. Read more at Energy & Environment News 

Fracking causing rise in methane emissions, study finds 08-14-19

Researchers say boom in shale oil and gas major contributor to climate emergency. Read more at The Guardian

But at What Cost? 08-01-19

The first signs of change came to Belmont County several years ago, as natural gas extraction company trucks rumbled over the roads. Read more at The Columbus Dispatch

Booming LNG industry could be as bad for climate as coal, experts warn 07-02-19

Liquefied natural gas developments on a collision course with Paris agreement, Global Energy Monitor says Read more at The Guardian

The bioenergy delusion 05-21-19

Replacing fossil fuels with bioenergy only takes us backwards, continuing our addiction to burning and extraction, and causing extensive ecological damage. Read more at Ecologist

Puerto Rico got rid of its coal ash pits. Now the company responsible is moving them to Florida. 05-16-19

Earlier this year, Puerto Rico passed legislation establishing the goal of powering its grid with 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, which requires giving up coal power by 2028. Read more at Grist

Duke Energy, Dominion Resources, and other dirty energy corporations escape all taxes and even get rebates… 04-29-19

Colin Robertson wonders why he pays federal taxes on the $18,000 a year he makes cleaning carpets, while the tech giant Amazon got a tax rebate. Read more at The New York Times 

How the Media Launders Fossil Fuel Industry Propaganda Through Branded Content 04-03-19

With a headline predicting that natural gas “will thrive in the age of renewables,” the article made the case that there are limitations on solar and wind power and that — as a subhead spelled out in aquamarine type — natural gas “is part of the solution.” Read more at The Intercept 

A Broken Land 04-02-19

Ecological devastation in the American heartland. Fracking has tangible effects on the land and on the people living there and opposition to the industry has emerged, creating new alliances between middle- and working-class Americans. Read more at The Nation

U.S. banks pledged to fund renewable energy, but they still spend way more on fossil fuels 03-30-19

Each year since the Paris climate agreement, major world banks have increased their financing of fossil fuels, pouring $1.9 trillion into the industry from 2016 through 2018. Read more at Grist

More States Crack Down on Pipeline Protesters, Including Supporters Who Aren’t Even on the Scene 03-28-19

South Dakota’s law is the latest as pipeline companies encourage tougher penalties for activists who block oil & gas projects—and for the groups that support them. Read more at Inside Climate News

What We Know About Fossil Fuels 30 Years After The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 03-24-19

The largely invisible impacts of long-term fossil fuel extraction were beginning to surface. Read more at HuffPost

The Hidden Risk in the Fracking Boom 02-20-19

Are pipeline safety regulations keeping pace with the flood of natural gas?

At 10:40 a.m. on Monday, January 21st, a pipeline carrying natural gas ruptured in rural Noble County, in southeastern Ohio, producing a fireball that engulfed the Noll family home, with 12-year-old son Nash inside. Read more at Rolling Stone

TVA Votes to Close 2 Coal Plants, Despite Political Pressure from Trump and Kentucky GOP 02-14-19

The aging Paradise coal-fired power plant is unreliable, expensive and polluting, TVA data show. The federally owned utility said its decision is based on economics. Read more at Inside Climate News

Atlantic Coast Pipeline delayed to 2020, Dominion adds $1B to cost estimate 02-04-19

Dominion Energy disclosed on Friday that its Atlantic Coast Pipeline project has been delayed and costs are rising, a result of environmental lawsuits that have forced a stop in construction. Read more at Utility Dive