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President Obama bans oil drilling in large areas of Atlantic and Arctic oceans 12-20-16

President Obama moved to solidify his environmental legacy Tuesday by withdrawing hundreds of millions of acres of federally owned land in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean from new offshore oil and gas drilling. Read more on The Washington Post

This Pipeline Would Cut Through America’s Most Celebrated Hiking Trail 12-17-16

The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline would carry natural gas 300 miles from northwest West Virginia to southern Virginia, crossing the Appalachian Trail and clearing trees on its way. Read more on EcoWatch

McConnell Says No Help for Miners 11-14-16

Mitch McConnell has already admitted GOP promises to out-of-work coal miners won’t come true. Read more on Grist

Trump Wins, Renewable Energy Investments Lose and Dirty Energy Stocks Surge 11-9-16

Political upheaval has major influence over the stock markets, and with climate-change-denying Donald Trump’s “disaster” of an election win, renewable energy investment is looking bleak at the moment as dirty energy surges. Read more on EcoWatch

Duke Energy Cooling Pond Dam Collapses in Wake of Hurricane Matthew Flooding 10-14-16

Waterkeeper Alliance and Upper Neuse Riverkeeper are responding to and documenting the breach of a 1.2-billion-gallon cooling pond dam at Duke Energy’s H.F. Lee plant. Read more on Eco Watch

Burning trees for electricity is a bad idea 9-8-16

Climate change is such a vast and systemic problem that almost every large industry has tried to figure out how to make some money off it in the last couple of decades. That’s OK — money is one motivator, and someone has to build all those solar panels. Read more on Grist

Coal’s Last Gamble: A choking industry bets on one more big score 9-21-16

Squeezing into a wobbly four-seater propeller plane is the only way to reach the tiny tribe of Tyonek, tucked deep in the roadless Alaskan wilderness. Gliding above the long mudflats and the serpentine curves of streams, I spot the fat white backs of beluga whales surfacing at the mouth of a river and an island covered by sunning sea lions. Read more on Grist

Is a fracking ban a good idea? 8-24-16

A bold demand has recently become standard among many U.S. environmentalists and progressives: ban fracking. Major green groups such as the Sierra Club have called for ending the practice. Bernie Sanders gave the issue more visibility when he first endorsed a national fracking ban four months ago. Read more on Grist

Increased Asthma Attacks Tied to Exposure to Natural Gas Production 7-18-16

New study in the heart of Pennsylvania’s fracking region shows increase in severity of asthma in residents exposed to most active wells.

Exposure to more intense shale gas development correlates with a higher risk of asthma attacks among asthma patients, according to a new study of Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale, one of the nation’s largest and most active fracking regions. Read more on Inside Climate News

Quarreling Over Coal Ash 7-16-16

Navajo Generating Station is a 2250 megawatt coal-fired power plant located on leased land in the Navajo Indian Reservation, near Page, Arizona.

A recent study found evidence that coal ash storage ponds are leaking contaminants into nearby water sources. The fight over solutions is pitched. Read more on UNDARK

Hundreds of Offshore Fracking Wells Dump Billions of Gallons of Oil Waste Into Gulf 7-11-16

As the U.S. shale industry comes under increasing scrutiny for its environmental and health impact, it has emerged that the U.S. has approved fracking offshore leading to billions of gallons of wastewater to be dumped at sea. Read more on EcoWatch

Hot Mess: States struggle to deal with fracking waste 6-20-16

Potentially dangerous drilling byproducts are being dumped in landfills throughout the Marcellus Shale with few controls

The Marcellus Shale has transformed the Appalachian Basin into an energy juggernaut. Even amid a recent drilling slowdown, regional daily production averages enough natural gas to power more than 200,000 U.S. homes for a year. Read more on Public Integrity

Oregon Utilities Agree to Phase Out Coal-Fired Power 1-6-16

EPA regulations are leading to more coal plant closures. Profita Oregon utilites have agree to support a bill that would phase out coal-fired power in Oregon by 2030. The proposed legislation would only affect Pacific Power and Portland General Electric, which together serve about 70% of Oregon’s electricity …Full article