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Agriculture Dept. doles out $1 billion for urban forestry 09-14-23

The Agriculture Department’s U.S. Forest Service yesterday announced it is awarding $1.13 billion to communities across the country to plant and manage trees in an effort to tackle extreme heat and improve access to nature in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Read more

What would happen if the world cut meat and milk consumption in half? 09-12-23

Agricultural emissions would fall by almost a third. But getting there wouldn’t be easy. Read more

Green groups sue EPA over factory farm pollution rules 09-11-23

A group of 13 environmental organizations has sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency seeking to force the agency to bolster regulations for industrialized livestock farms, which can pollute U.S. rivers and lakes with raw sewage and other contaminants. Read more

Beef guzzlers: 12% of Americans eat half of the country’s cow meat 09-01-23

Changing the habits of this small group could go a long way toward cutting the country’s planet-warming emissions. Read more

Unchecked Poultry Farming in North Carolina Violates Civil Rights, Residents Say 05-03-23

The complaint includes a number of residents’ detailed descriptions of the ways that chicken farms are affecting their lives. Read more

The next farm bill could be a historic climate law – if Congress can agree on it 03-30-23

Will the legislation help turn agriculture, a climate problem, into a climate solution? Read more

The Field Report: Calls Grow for a Farm Bill that Serves ‘All of Us, Not Just Corporations’ 02-08-23

Plus, a new report on SNAP improvements and broken (egg) promises. Read more

Why the ground under Colorado solar panels is ripe for growing food 01-22-23

A Republican lawmaker has joined the previously Democrat-only push for solar agriculture, or agrivoltaics, priming Colorado to become a national leader. Read more

Op-ed: Amid Academic Strikes, UC Students Liberated Their Cafeterias 01-16-23

Across California, university students are taking over dining halls in solidarity with graduate students on strike. It’s also a response to food insecurity and economic injustices on campus. Read more