Previous Food, Farming and Agriculture News 2022

Supreme Court grapples with animal welfare in a challenge to a California law requiring pork to be humanely raised 10-04-22 Read more

The more bees the merrier farmer 09-21-22

Crops benefit from a diversity of pollinating bees, and the benefits grow the longer scientists track them. Read more

A New Bill Aims to Ban Mergers in Ag and Food Sectors 06-14-22

Farmers and ranchers say now is the time to stop talking and take action to crack down on monopolies in the food system. Read more

In Wisconsin, small towns want more regulations for big farms 05-03-22

The state’s agricultural lobby says local efforts to regulate CAFOs are illegal. Read more

What I learned from pruning Milwaukee’s orphaned fruit trees 04-28-22

People are planting more trees. But they’re not always prepared to take care of them. Read more

A Regenerative Grazing Revolution Is Taking Root in the Mid-Atlantic 03-30-22

Farmers are scaling up the practice in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and beyond—and it could simultaneously help clean up the Chesapeake Bay, mitigate climate change, and save small family farms. Read more

Photo Essay: How Nourish New York Is Still Feeding NYC 03-29-22

A program created to support farmers and feed New Yorkers amidst the pandemic’s food crisis is here to stay. Read more

Chicken Frenzy: A State Awash in Hog Farms Faces a Poultry Boom 02-14-22

Long home to industrial hog facilities, North Carolina has seen a huge increase in large-scale poultry farms, with more than 1,000 added in 2020 alone. The state scarcely regulates the poultry industry and its waste, which threatens waters in low-wealth communities of color. Read more

US poultry giant Tyson using land ‘twice the size of New Jersey’ for animal feed, study says 02-09-22

Industrial farming: research by the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates huge amounts of land being used for feed crops. 02-09-22

Video: Aerial Detectives Dive Deep Into North Carolina’s Hog and Poultry Waste Problem 01-09-22

As concentrated animal feeding operations spread, airborne surveillance missions aim to protect nearby communities from the air and water pollution they release. Read more

New research shows sustained damage to agricultural land near pipelines 01-07-22

A flurry of new research shows the long-term effects of pipelines on crop yields. Read more