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Will New Pork Rules Put the Meat on Your Plate and Workers at Risk? 10-11-19

Last month, the USDA quietly issued a new rule changing meat inspection standards for pork. Not only does the new rule mean slaughterhouses can run their processing lines as fast as they want, it also changes who does the inspecting, giving the pork producers themselves a bigger role in the process. Read more at the Alleghany Front

Boston’s Eastie Farm Builds Community and Resilience on the Front Lines of Climate Change 08-21-19

Sprouting from a 3100-square-foot lot, the urban farm brings people together, feeds neighbors, and focuses on being climate-ready. Read more at Civil Eats 

Study Finds Farm-Level Food Waste is Much Worse Than We Thought 08-20-19

Unharvested crops dramatically bump up estimates of U.S. food waste. But some farmers—who get demonized for working within a system they didn’t create—are seeking solutions to get that food to market. Read more at Civil Eats 

From chicken to tomatoes, here’s why American food is hurting you 05-28-19

The recent news about glyphosate and cancer only highlights a broader problem with our system: our obsession with killing the natural world is poisoning us Read more at The Guardian

How an Oregon Rancher is Building Soil Health—and a Robust Regional Food System 01-31-19

Fourth-generation rancher Cory Carman holistically manages 5,000-acres which serve as a model for sustainable meat operations in the Pacific Northwest. Read more at Civil Eats

It is time to respect the planet’s boundaries—and overhaul how we eat and waste food—if we want to feed our rising population 01-18-19

If we’re to feed the estimated 10 billion people on Earth in 2050—and protect the planet— we have to completely overhaul food production and choose healthier diets, says international report. Read more at Environmental Health News