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What’s the Difference Between Indigenous Nations Co-managing or Co-stewarding Their Land? A Lot. 05-24-24

Being a “steward” of the land isn’t enough for Native peoples. Read more

Global Tribunal Issues ‘Historic’ Ruling for Oceans and Small Island Nations 05-21-24

“Protecting the global commons of the oceans and atmosphere is a matter of life and death,” said one expert who praised the decision. Read more

Arizona Wants to Mine Uranium Near the Grand Canyon. Tribal Nations Are Fighting Back. 05-06-24

“The tribes fought very hard for the establishment of the monument and are here to defend it.” Read more

Texas Inmates Are Being ‘cooked to death’ in Extreme Heat, Complaint Alleges 05-04-24

With the threat of another hot summer ahead, advocates asked a federal judge to declare 100-degree-plus conditions in uncooled Texas facilities unconstitutional. Read more

DOJ Thinks Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline is Trespassing on Tribal Lands 04-12-24

But the agency stopped short of telling company to move. Read more

Water From Arsenic-laced Wells Could Protect the Pine Ridge Reservation From Wildfires 04-09-24

“We’re looking to deal with extended drought and the increasing intensity of wildfires.” Read more

In Chicago, One Neighborhood is Fighting Gentrification and Climate Change at the Same Time 04-05-24

The secret to success? Build affordable housing next to transit. Read more

Industry Poisoned a Vibrant Black Neighborhood in Houston. Is a Buyout the Solution? 03-06-24

“Do you have to lose your history, your culture, or your identity in that process?” Read more

Illinois EPA Must Revamp Its Permitting Process After Chicago Activists File Civil Rights Complaint 02-26-24

“It shouldn’t have to be this hard to get these common sense rules in place.” Read more

A Geothermal Energy Boom Could Be Coming to Chicago’s South Side 02-23-24

The key to building low-carbon infrastructure in the city? Its trademark alley Read more

Micro Solar Leases: A New Income Stream for Black Farmers in the South? 02-14-24

EnerWealth Solutions wants to bring the benefits of renewable energy to Black farmers and landowners in the Carolinas.

Campus Divestment Activists Eye Fossil Fuel Profits on Stolen Land 02-09-24

Grist investigation reveals 14 land-grant universities making millions off Indigenous land.

Michael Mann, a Leading Climate Scientist, Wins His Defamation Suit 02-08-24

The researcher had sued two writers for libel and slander over comments about his work. The jury awarded him damages of more than $1 million. Read more

Misplaced Trust 02-07-24

Stolen Indigenous land is the foundation of the land-grant university system. Climate change is its legacy. Read more

Ignoring Indigenous Rights is Making the Green Transition More Expensive 02-02-24

“If you’re going to develop energy in the U.S. you’ve got to do it with the support of tribal communities.” Read more

Lost Photographs of Black America 02-01-24

A trove of images from the 1960s and ’70s, discovered in a Swedish bank vault, offers new perspectives on the past—and the present.

How a Black Miami Neighborhood Became ‘ground zero for climate gentrification’ 01-29-24

A documentary, Razing Liberty Square, examines the plight of families in Liberty City as developers ‘revitalize’ community on desirable higher land. Read more

How an Oil Boom in North Dakota Led to a Boom in Evictions 01-19-24

New study links surge of oil workers to long-term residents losing their homes. Read more

Environmental Injustice 01-15-24

“Today, zip code is still the most potent predictor of an individual’s health and well-being” Read more