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Gordon Plaza was sold as a dream for Black home buyers. It was a toxic nightmare. 04-10-22

New Orleans city officials allowed developers to build homes on land contaminated with chemicals linked to cancer. They didn’t tell the people who moved in. Read more

Hurricane Michael Hit the Florida Panhandle in 2018 With 155 MPH Winds. Some Black and Low-Income Neighborhoods Still Haven’t Recovered 03-22-22

Patricia Roundtree expected that the hurricane that was about to slam the Florida Panhandle in October 2018 would be a close call, like so many other storms over the years that had skimmed over her neighborhood in Panama City but never hit directly. Read more

The Air Force wants to blow up toxic military waste on a beach in Guam. 03-09-22

A Indigenous-led community group says: See you in court. Read more

9 Influential Female Environmentalists You Should Know 03-08-22

Rachel Carson and Greta Thunberg are household names, but the list of female environmentalists throughout history is long. Read more

Women of Color Are Leading Climate Justice Work 03-03-22

They’re also struggling to find funding. Read more

How two years of community protest blocked this Chicago scrapyard 02-24-22

The decision, spurred by a hunger strike and a federal civil rights investigation, is a major win for environmental justice fights nationally. Read more

New York environmental justice leaders propose new definition for ‘disadvantaged communities’ 02-02-22

New York wants clean energy to benefit “disadvantaged communities.” First it had to define them. Read more

The EPA is tackling pollution in ‘Cancer Alley’ 01-26-22

Better air monitoring is coming to the Gulf, along with a crackdown on polluters. Read more

Inspired by King’s Words, Experts Say the Fight for Climate Justice Anywhere is a Fight for Climate Justice Everywhere 01-17-22

On the holiday honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., scientists, theologians, ministers and climate justice advocates find commonality in the movement he led more than half a century ago. Read more

Toxic Churn 01-13-22

How the legacy of former industrial sites pollutes American cities today. Read more

An African American Community in Florida Blocked Two Proposed Solar Farms. Then the Florida Legislature Stepped In. 01-02-22

In May 2020, the residents of the Saint Peter neighborhood in Archer, Florida, had a rude awakening when a public notice went up on a fence around vacant farmland. Read more