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Elizabeth Warren debuts ambitious plan to tackle environmental racism 10-09-19

Contender’s proposal builds on her platform to fight climate crisis by investing $3tn in next decade to combat global heating. Read more at The Guardian

‘Can You Imagine People Ignoring All This If We Were White?’ 09-30-19

Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, has served Collegeville, a predominantly Black neighborhood, for 115 years. Today, the church is dealing with a new era of injustice: Its historic neighborhood sits on toxic land. Read more at Scalawag Magazine

Inaction is Unjust: A Story of Wind, the NIMBY Effect, & Environmental Justice 09-21-19

Americans know that we need to take action on climate change. Around 70% of us are worried about climate change. Read more at RCC

The fight for environmental justice in America’s segregated cities 09-06-19

‘Abolitionist climate justice’ is an evolving movement that aims to tackle the disparate effects of climate change across race and class Read more at Geographical

The Energy 202: Here’s why Newark’s lead crisis is different 08-21-19

For more than a week, thousands of Newark, N.J. residents have been lining up, enduring midday summer heat, and waiting for free bottled water. Read more at The Washington Post

New Trump Admin Plan for Bears Ears National Monument ‘Recklessly Weakens Protections’ 07-29-19

Conservation groups and congressional Democrats slammed the Trump administration Friday over its destructive new management plan for the “illegally reduced” Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. Read more EcoWatch

Farmers and Ranchers Head to DC to Level the Playing Field 07-19-19

Saying they’ve endured years of unfair contracts, discrimination, and retaliation from a handful of big companies that control the industry, farmers and ranchers are asking USDA to enforce the GIPSA rules. Read more at Civil Eats

‘We won’: Environmental activists claim victory after Detroit incinerator closes 07-09-19

Citing poor air quality and environmental racism, residents of the majority Black neighborhood surrounding the plant had long fought for its closure.  Read more at Energy News Network

A New Produce Warehouse in Los Angeles Will Prevent Millions of Pounds of Food Waste 06-27-19

Food Forward’s new Produce Pit Stop will bring fresh food to more people in need in eight Southern California counties, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more at Civil Eats

How a Top Chicken Company Cut Off Black Farmers, One by One 06-26-19

The Trump administration has weakened legal protections for farmers and eased off enforcing rules on powerful meat companies. Read more at ProPublica

Why Low-Income Households Need to Be Part of the Clean Energy Revolution 06-16-19

Tony Reames focuses his work on the growing energy divide between rich & poor Americans and talks about why it is important to give low-income communities better access to affordable clean energy technologies. Read more at Yale Environment 360

No, climate action can’t be separated from social justice 06-11-19

Elites who divorce climate policy from social justice are almost as out of touch as those who deny climate science altogether Read more at The Guardian

CNN ran a ‘climate justice’ segment and this is progress 05-31-19

Now that climate change is finally becoming a thing on cable news, networks also seem to be catching on to the existence of climate injustice. Read more at Grist

Why Racial Disparities in Asthma Are an Urban Planning Issue 05-20-19

African-Americans are three times more likely to die from asthma as whites. In Philadelphia and elsewhere, how can outcomes improve with changes to housing quality and pollution control? Read more at Next City

Natural Disasters Are Getting Worse. People With the Least Power Are Most at Risk. 04-25-19

The federal government estimated in Oct. that there were nearly $1.3 billion in immediate and direct timber damages in Florida’s panhandle. Read more at The Center for Public Integrity

A highway runs through it 04-17-19

Inside the push to tear down an Oakland freeway. When a government official takes a reporter out to see some concrete colossus, it’s usually to show it off. Not this time. Read more at Grist

The Farmworkers Who Pick Your Halo Mandarins Just Organized a Massive Labor Strike 04-08-19

Nearly 1,800 fruit pickers—many undocumented—spontaneously walked out of The Wonderful Company’s citrus orchards earlier this year to oppose a pay cut and third-party labor contracts. Read more at Civil Eats

Duo say organic farming can boost rural jobs, environment and health 04-1-19

Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle believe there’s a way to revive Montana’s struggling rural economies, preserve good soil and save lives at the same time: organic, sustainable farming of nutritious foods. Read more at the Missoulian

‘They chose us because we were rural and poor’: when environmental racism and climate change collide 03-08-19

The environmental movement has a long history in America’s south – yet people of color and impoverished communities continue to face dangerous pollution. Read more at The Guardian

Breathing while Black or Latino in California is disproportionately hazardous to your health 02-26-19

It’s no secret that communities living near big polluters have worse air quality than other neighborhoods, but it’s been trickier to get a grasp on the impact of emissions from moving sources of pollution like cars and trucks. Read more at Grist

Al Gore, civil rights leader William Barber call on Northam to seek forgiveness through action 02-21-19

The little front porch seemed like a pulpit as the Rev. William Barber II outlined a path to redemption for Virginia’s troubled governor, Ralph Northam. Read more at The Washington Post

Why It’s Crucial to Get More Women Into Science 02-16-19

Amid growing signs that gender bias has affected research outcomes and damaged women’s health, there’s a new push to make science more relevant to them. Read more at National Geographic

Solar-Power Benefits Aren’t Reaching Communities of Color 01-30-19

A new study in Nature Sustainability finds racial and ethnic disparities in rooftop solar adoption, even controlling for income and homeownership. Rear more at Citylab

Trump’s border wall would trample on indigenous land and culture 01-24-19

The boundary between the United States and Mexico cuts not only through desert terrain and pristine wilderness, but also indigenous territory. Specifically, the territory of the Tohono O’odham Nation, which is located in both countries. Read more at Grist

“All Life is Interrelated”: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Environmental Justice Legacy 01-18-19

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered for his powerful civil rights legacy and his nonviolent protests that inspired half a century of peaceful protest in support of equality. As a visionary orator and leader, he shepherded the movement against segregation and racism in the 1950s and 1960s that transformed America. Read more at National Wildlife Federation