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Column: Climate Change is a Star in Some of Hollywood’s Most Popular Movies 04-30-24

I never saw the 2017 film “Justice League.” But if I had, I would have been treated to a scene in which Batman (Ben Affleck) tries to persuade Aquaman, Protector of the Oceans (Jason Momoa) to join his band of superheroes by referencing the climate crisis. Read more

Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Hit New Record Levels 04-06-24

“As these numbers show, we still have a lot of work to do to make meaningful progress in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases accumulating in the atmosphere,” said one NOAA scientist.

‘Simply Mind-boggling’: World Record Temperature Jump in Antarctic Raises Fears of Catastrophe 04-03-24

An unprecedented leap of 38.5C in the coldest place on Earth is a harbinger of a disaster for humans and the local ecosystem. Read more

Elizabeth Kolbert Wants Us to Rethink the Stories We Tell About Climate Change 03-28-24

In “H Is for Hope,” Kolbert explores the contradictions of a global problem, from A to Z. Read more

As Heat Becomes a National Threat, Who Will Be Protected? 03-13-24

Extreme heat affects everyone. But in Florida, the hottest state in the country, only one group is legally protected. Read more

How Climate Change Primed Texas to Burn 03-07-24

The state’s high plains get a month more fire weather now than they did in the 1970s. Read more

Climate Change is Undoing Decades of Progress on Air Quality 02-22-24

A new report finds that one in four people in the U.S. are breathing unhealthy air as rising temperatures and bigger fires create a “climate penalty.” Read more

Very Cool: Trees Stalling Effects of Global Heating in Eastern US, Study Finds 02-17-24

Vast reforestation a major reason for ‘warming hole’ across parts of US where temperatures have flatlined or cooled.

Ocean Temperatures Keep Shattering Records—and Stunning Scientists 02-15-24

Sea surface temperatures have been skyrocketing beyond expectations. That may be a bad sign for hurricane season—and the health of ocean ecosystems. Read more

Category 6-level Hurricanes Are Already Here, A New Study Says 02-06-24

But what would change if we added a number to the hurricane scale? Read more

Organizers Aim to Improve the South’s Climate Resilience 01-30-24

Climate Change Has Killed 4 Million People Since 2000 — and That’s an Underestimate 01-30-24

“Nobody is counting it, and nobody is moving in the direction of counting it.” Read more

How YouTube’s Climate Deniers Turned Into Climate Doomers 01-16-24

A new report documents a sharp rise in arguments that clean energy and climate policies won’t work. Read more

2023 Smashes Record For World’s Hottest Year By Huge Margin 01-09-24

Rapid reduction in fossil fuel burning urgently needed to preserve liveable conditions, say scientists, as climate damage deepens. Read more

Andrew Maglio: Sense of Wonder is Missing From CT Climate Change Curriculum 01-28-24

How Crowded Are the Oceans? New Maps Show What Flew Under the Radar Until Now 01-03-24