Previous Climate Change News 2023

Parts of US see earliest spring conditions on record: ‘Climate change playing out in real time’ 02-24-23

Parts of Texas, Arkansas, Ohio and Maryland, along with New York, are all recording their earliest spring conditions on record, Read more

Wording matters when talking about climate change: Study 02-17-23

A new study out of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication investigated the differences in how Americans perceive the phrases “carbon pollution,” “carbon emissions” and “greenhouse gas emissions.” Read more

FEMA’s failure to account for climate change leaves BIPOC communities on the brink of disaster 02-14-23

Without fast or substantive changes to FEMA, the residents least responsible for climate change will continue to face the greatest harms. Read more

California’s next flood could destroy one of its most diverse cities. Will lawmakers try to save it? 01-19-23

Climate change could submerge Stockton beneath 10 feet of water. The city’s aging levees aren’t prepared. Read more

Exxon’s models predicting climate change were spot on — 40 years ago 01-12-23

A new study finds that Exxon’s projections were as good as any academic’s. Read more

California storms persist with deluges, mudslide threats 01-11-23

California saw no relief from drenching rains early Tuesday as the latest in a relentless string of storms continued to swamp roads and batter coastlines with high surf, turning rivers into gushing flood zones and forcing the evacuation of thousands. Read more