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Planet’s hottest month confirmed while Earth keeps baking 08-15-23

“During July 2023, 9.35% of the world’s surface had a record-high July temperature — the highest July percentage,” NOAA said. Read more

Will a fear of fires burn New York? 08-05-23

Prescribed burns are banned in New York’s largest tracts of forest, but some rangers say they need to torch the brush to save the trees. Read more

A killer ocean heatwave is decimating Florida’s corals 07-31-23

Scientists are racing to relocate corals from dangerously hot ocean waters. Read more

Why Florida’s home insurance crisis isn’t going away 07-19-23

Even if the market recovers from Hurricane Ian, climate change will likely keep prices high. Read more

For Florida’s Hurricane Ian survivors, extreme heat is a ‘second disaster’ 07-17-23

The state’s record-breaking weather shows how compound climate events hurt the most vulnerable Read more

Why it’s so important to figure out when a vital Atlantic Ocean current might collapse 07-14-23

Deep in the Atlantic Ocean, there’s a massive current the size of 8,000 Mississippi Rivers. Read more

EPA unveils $20 billion to finance the fight against climate change 07-14-23

The EPA is unveiling $20 billion for a national ‘green bank’ Read more

How $90 million could help U.S. buildings withstand climate disasters 07-12-23

When Hurricane Ida battered Louisiana, strong winds ripped the roofs off tens of thousands of homes. But today, the Biden administration is hoping a simple fix could save homes in that state — and others across the country — from a similar fate. Read more

Soil improvements could keep planet within 1.5C heating target, research shows 07-08-23

Better farming techniques across the world could lead to storage of 31 gigatons of carbon dioxide a year. Read more

The overlooked climate consequences of AI 07-06-23

Experts say the current hype ignores how AI contributes to emissions, misinformation, and fossil fuel production. Read more

Climate peril, insurance, sand costs: No easy fix in Rodanthe 07-03-23

Even with the might of government, it can be difficult to force people to remove their houses that are at risk of falling into the ocean. Read more

As the Sea Rises, Will a Prized National Seashore Wash Away? 06-27-23

“Will we still be here in 30, 40, or 50 years?,” says Superintendent Hallac. “All I know is it will different, maybe very different.” Read more

How Daniel Ellsberg Opened the Door to One of the Most Consequential Climate Stories of Our Time 06-20-23

In October 2014, Daniel Ellsberg opened the door to one of the most consequential climate stories of our time. I know because Inside Climate News was able to publish it a year later. Read more

Why is the summer off to such an extreme start? 06-13-23

Blame climate change, El Niño, and a dose of bad luck. Read more

Wildfires reignite calls for Biden to declare a climate emergency 06-09-23

Some — not all — Democrats say Biden should declare a climate emergency. Read more

New Jersey is teaching kids about climate. Opponents call it “indoctrination.” 06-07-23

The education culture wars are coming for climate change. Read more

Amazon workers walk out amid layoffs, citing concerns for climate 05-31-23

Frustrated by job losses, office policies and rising carbon emissions, white-collar Amazon workers are demanding more from leadership Read more

Flooding study reveals factors NOAA forecasts don’t include 05-01-23

Beaufort’s historic Front Street is a bustling hub for local businesses, and strolling around the area is a must-do for tourists. But all this activity is disrupted when the town experiences flooding. Read more

A leading private equity firm claimed to be a climate leader – while increasing emissions 04-27-23

The Carlyle Group’s 2011-22 greenhouse gas footprint was roughly equivalent to Alaska’s ‘carbon bomb’ Willow drilling project. Read more

A record warm streak in the oceans has scientists worried 04-27-23

A budding El Niño and climate change likely play a role, experts say. Read more

Climate Change Is Walloping US Farms. Can This Farm Bill Create Real Solutions? 04-26-23

Some of the most impactful changes, including crop diversification and shifting diets from meat toward plants, are barely on the negotiating table. Read more

Spring wildfires in the eastern US got off to a roaring start this year 04-25-23

It may not be as dramatic as when the West burns, but an unseasonably warm, dry winter could make fire season longer and more intense. Read more

Inside climate activists’ uneasy relationship with ‘net-zero’ 04-11-23

How the logic of carbon neutrality got “lit on fire” by big polluters. Read more

Warming temperatures trigger earliest spring on record in parts of eastern US 04-05-23

Unseasonably early blooms can wreak havoc on allergies, disease vectors, and agriculture. Read more

It’s not just oceans that are rising. Groundwater is, too. 03-29-23

As subterranean water inches higher, so do threats to air and water. Read more

Why climate ‘doomers’ are replacing climate ‘deniers’ 03-24-23

How U.N. reports and confusing headlines created a generation of people who believe climate change can’t be stopped Read more

‘What Really Keeps Me Up at Night’: A Climate Scientist’s Call to Action 03-22-23

“Climate change is real and it is here, and it’s not going away. We need your help,” writes Joëlle Gergis in the new book Humanity’s Moment. Read more

10 of the best climate change documentaries to see in 2023. 03-02-23

These films screened at the recent Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Read more

Parts of US see earliest spring conditions on record: ‘Climate change playing out in real time’ 02-24-23

Parts of Texas, Arkansas, Ohio and Maryland, along with New York, are all recording their earliest spring conditions on record, Read more

Wording matters when talking about climate change: Study 02-17-23

A new study out of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication investigated the differences in how Americans perceive the phrases “carbon pollution,” “carbon emissions” and “greenhouse gas emissions.” Read more

FEMA’s failure to account for climate change leaves BIPOC communities on the brink of disaster 02-14-23

Without fast or substantive changes to FEMA, the residents least responsible for climate change will continue to face the greatest harms. Read more

California’s next flood could destroy one of its most diverse cities. Will lawmakers try to save it? 01-19-23

Climate change could submerge Stockton beneath 10 feet of water. The city’s aging levees aren’t prepared. Read more

Exxon’s models predicting climate change were spot on — 40 years ago 01-12-23

A new study finds that Exxon’s projections were as good as any academic’s. Read more

California storms persist with deluges, mudslide threats 01-11-23

California saw no relief from drenching rains early Tuesday as the latest in a relentless string of storms continued to swamp roads and batter coastlines with high surf, turning rivers into gushing flood zones and forcing the evacuation of thousands. Read more